Welcome to GoatSports

The Mission

Hi I’m Luke Domask, also known as Goat, the founder of GoatSports. Born and raised in Chicago, I am a one man show that has been following sports since the day I could pick up a bat and swing for the fences. What once started out as a simple way for me to write about my beloved Chicago Bulls, has gradually turned into a site that covers the entire sports spectrum, coast-to-coast, country to country. Weekly updated with stories from the news that breaks Twitter, to the stories that go unnoticed, Goat covers it all. So go ahead, scroll through the stories and give us a read and leave a comment or two, and welcome to the show.

The Nickname

No, my favorite animal is not a goat. GOAT, is an acronym, for “greatest of all time” (humbling, I know) given to me (jokingly) by a group of seniors when I was brought up to play on the Varsity baseball team at the end of the of my sophomore year in high school and it happened to stick. This was also around the same time I launched the website and began writing, and so “GoatSports” was born.

Get to know the Goat

A little bit about myself as a fan and lover of sport.

Favorite sports teams: Chicago Bulls, Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, Manchester City FC

I get the theory behind “staying bias” when writing and posting articles, and I certainly do my absolute best to show both sides of the story/argument, present the facts and let the reader formulate their own opinion. But also, I want to show where my bias leans toward because just like you, I’m a fan of teams that I will support till the day I die. Love it or hate it, that’s a total of 40 titles you’re looking at.

Favorite Memory playing Sports

Playing a week’s worth of baseball in Cooperstown, New York in the “Cooperstown All Star Village” tournament the summer of 6th grade, where I competed against kids from New York to California and everywhere in between and enjoyed the best hitting performance in my baseball career. Also, winning the 2012 7A Football State Championship my Junior Year in High School.

Favorite Sporting Events

March Madness, College Football on New Years Day, The Masters

All Time Sports Hero(s)

1) Michael Jordan (wasn’t alive during prime of his career) 2) Aaron Rodgers 3) Athlete that is dead I wish I could see play: Babe Ruth

Sporting Event Wishing to Attend

The Manchester City and Manchester United Derby.





2 thoughts on “Welcome to GoatSports

  1. Hi Goat. I’m hugely impressed. Passing this on to Bob, as he can really respond intelligently to your posts. Keep it up!

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