The Case for a Florida State Repeat


Who isn’t picking Florida State to not repeat this season? It seems as if the more this team keeps winning, the more they are predicted to inevitably lose, as if it’s scripted.

Florida State’s “survival” winning ways have been well documented this season. In games against Oklahoma State, Clemson, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Louisville and most recently Miami they have trailed with a real threat of being upset. Four times they trailed by double-digits, four times they have trailed in the 2nd half, yet they stand 10-0 with a 26-consecutive game winning-streak and a whole lot of criticism.

Maybe it’s just that we are sick and tired of Florida State, maybe the mentality is, “Okay, cool FSU. You went undefeated, ripping apart every team a year ago in your path. And for good measure, you had incredible talent across the board, especially at Quarterback, where he won the Heisman all as a Freshman.”

Or is it we’re just sick of Jameis Winston? I’ve yet to run into a ‘Famous Jameis’ fan (this season) outside of Tallahassee. Granted, I’ve yet to meet one in Tallahassee because I’ve never been there, but that is beside the point.

Once Winston became the center of attention of every College Football fan, critic and team; he has been heavily scrutinized with every step in which he takes. Ask Johnny Manziel, he sure knows what it is like to be a Freshman stud that throws College Football and NCAA into a frenzy.

Despite everything that has happened off the field, from crab legs to a looming Domestic Violence case that he has kept his innocence (so far) throughout the entire process, Winston has simply denied the fact of his team losing. On numerous occasions the Seminoles could have packed it in this season, each time they came out on top, with #5 leading the way.

Winston has been a bigger bail out than the Government was for all the Banks in ’08 during financial crisis. With all the negativity that has followed him and this team this season, much has been overlooked. Personally, I think he is still a worthy Heisman candidate. His stats are far from what they were last season, with only 18 TD’s and 12 INT’s (he had 40 TD’s and 10 INT’s a year ago) Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will likely be the two real contenders moving forward in the Heisman race with far better stats.

How quickly we forget how much of natural-born leader Winston is…

But this season isn’t about eye-popping stats for Winston. With inconsistent pass protection and young, inexperienced WR’s outside of Senior Rashard Greene, Winston’s leadership and pride alone has carried a disjointed offense through adversity and has found a way to come out on top every single time, does this not warrant anything anymore?

As for the Florida State squad overall, this team may not play in the SEC, nor do they play top-ranked opponents every week. They play who is on their schedule, and everyone gives them their best shot week in and week out. In a playoff scenario, they will face teams far better than the ones they have trailed late in games against this season. But when #5 is under center with two minutes left and 80 yards in front of him, Florida State is the best team in the country. They showed us in the title game a year ago, they have shown us multiple times this season.

And they will show us again. It is time to stop writing off Florida State and Jameis Winston, they are still the reigning champs. And they aren’t giving it up.



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