Sunday can’t cure everything.

Time to go: The NFL needs the clean slate. It starts with the top, Roger that?
Time to go: The NFL needs the clean slate. It starts with the top, Roger that?

Remember when Sunday cured everything? No matter what was going on during the off-season or during the week in the regular season, football cured it all. Not anymore, get ready for a lot more news about football that isn’t football related at all. It’s a shame it came down this, but lack of leadership, action-taken and cohesion between the Commissioner and owners to get something done or at least moving in the right direction has led to the boiling point.


Where did all the good people go?

Are there any good people left in the NFL?

Obviously, yes, plenty of them. But you wouldn’t know after the past couple of weeks. Between Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Adrian Peterson, the NFL let domestic violence and child abuse fly under-the-radar with slap-on-the-wrist two and four games suspensions in years past.

In case you missed it:

And eventually it blew up in their face. The problems the NFL face are beyond damage control. And while Roger Goodell has been at the center of all the controversy for things like, only suspending Ray Rice for two games, saying he never saw the tape of Ray Rice beating his then Finance (they are now married) in the elevator when it was confirmed the NFL offices received the tape back in April. Only then was Ray Rice suspended from the league indefinitely.

Fallen Stars: once two of the top Running backs in the league, are now facing never playing in it again.
Fallen Stars: once two of the top Running backs in the league, are now facing never playing in it again.

Yet, while people continue to be fed up with the NFL and Goodell on the lack of action taken so far and the pointless and gutless press conference Goodell had on Friday, it is time for the most powerful men in the league to take action now, all 32 of them.

When the NBA had to deal with Donald Sterling, it just wasn’t the Commissioner and the league taking action. The NBPA and all the owners did too, by fully cooperating in voting to get rid of Sterling out of the league. It wasn’t based on business decision, or an image decision, it was done simply because it was what right. 

The NFL will generate somewhere around $9 Billion this season according to USA Today, making it the biggest money-making league in professional sports around the world. Despite all the concussion lawsuits and issues, despite all the drug problems around the league, it still generates enough money for the owners to not worry about all the issues seriously. Will this domestic violence issue push things over the edge?

As of right now, the best thing Goodell and the league are doing is conducting an investigation on itself. The owners are eating this up. They sit back and watch Goodell as if he’s a teenager at McDonalds working his first shift completely overwhelmed by all the orders during lunch rush hour. And to think he never thought once about resigning made the press conference Friday afternoon that much more disturbing.

You always hear the NFL being a business. While “Revenue Roger” continues to do (money wise) what’s best for his bosses, it’s time to show some leadership and make a decision based on what is right.

It would be a nice change of pace for a league in much need of one.






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