NBA Players becoming trendsetters in Fashion

It’s been a slow few weeks, and when news hits, it has been some pretty serious stuff.

So, the rebel I am, I decided to go another direction than talking about the pointless NFL combine among other things.

If you watch the NBA on a regular occurrence, you’ll notice something before/after every game as the players are filmed walking into the locker rooms and to their press conferences. What they are wearing either is the beginning of a fashion trend or something absolutely ridiculous. Motivated by some people that will go unnamed, I decided to write a fashion blog on NBA players, because I was told I couldn’t write about it. Well, Goat does fashion, too.

The last place, and I mean the last place you would probably find the most up-to-date trend of men’s fashion is NBA players. That was the theory until October 17th, 2005. Then Commissioner David Stern decided to install a player’s dress code because too many players were showing up to games in casual attire. Stern, true to his name told the players no more athletic shorts and gym shoes and made it so everyone had to wear a suit and tie. The reaction of the players was a little over the top, some saying the NBA was taking away their right of expression. But as time went on, a new breed of players entered the league and now the NBA is one of the most notable places to find the best of men’s fashion has to offer. Here are some of the NBA’s finest dressers:

Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant

NBA: Finals-Miami Heat at Oklahoma City ThunderRusMaybe the only guy in the NBA where his fashion sense rivals his game on the court, Russell Westbrook (right) is GQ of the NBA. Known for making ridiculous and acrobatic plays, the Oklahoma City star is just as popular in the fashion industry. Having been seen at New York’s Fashion Week, Westbrook calls fashion his second passion and it’s obvious in what he wears. While some of his outfits are just flat out ridiculous, he will come back with a more stylish, casual and preppy look that truly reveals his fashion sense. Yet when asked why he wears some of the most bizarre outfits, his classic response to seemingly everything, “Why not?!” Durant on the other hand has a little bit more of a classy look, wearing more suits and ties but he changes it up quite a bit as well. The Thunder teammates are both credited with bringing in the glasses without any lenses look that has take the league by storm, for better or worse, your call.

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade

bron and wade

The Miami Heat duo are both top ten players in the NBA, off the court they’re just as good. Also joining in on the NBA’s new generation of fun, these two are highly considered the two most fashionable men in all of sports. Wade (right) takes his fashion as serious as basketball, hiring a fashion designer for all his clothes and even opening up his own clothing line. James, the best player in the world is doing whatever it takes to make people forget about his all white tuxedo he wore to prom, or I mean to draft day in 2003, even saying that he has come a long way when it comes to fashion, taking pride in what he wears more than ever today.

Blake Griffin



Arguably the best dunker and most fun high flyer to watch, Blake Griffin throws it down when it comes to fashion as well. Working with GQ, Griffin has completely changed how he looks off the hardwood showing off the classic preppy look to every game. Having been cover man of GQ Magazine already, Griffin puts together sport jacket and tie combinations as well as putting down an alley-oop.

Derrick Rose


The leagues youngest MVP in history has only played 50 games in the past 3 seasons due to an assortment of unfortunate injuries. Yet while he has worked tirelessly to improve his game during  2 years worth of rehab, he also turned into the most fashionable athlete in Chicago during that time, opening up a line with Adidas and being featured on GQ Magazine as well. And while his suit game has been nothing but elite, I and the rest of Chicago would like to see him in shorts and sneakers again.







Chris Paul

If I had the funds to dress like someone, it be this man right here, Chris Paul. His game is silky, smooth and fresh, much like his attire. Paul has been highly regarded by many as the NBA’s finest dresser. But it’s not all suit and ties with this man, who rocks a respectable casual look as well. Personally, if you wear those Air Jordan 1’s with anything, I’ll consider you fashionable. Owning a GQ cover  and being a Jordan representative, Paul has it firing on all cylinders in the fashion world. Oh and I forgot to mention his 3 year old might be more fashionable.











Kobe Bryant

I’m still trying to find what Kobe Bryant isn’t good at or not trying to be good at. As fierce of a competitor as Bryant is, he has joined the young guns of the league in this new wave of fashionable NBA players, and like I said earlier, the man is good at dressing himself too. When you’ve been the face of LA for 18 years you begin to figure out that looking good and playing good go hand in hand.



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