Battle for the Big Apple: Super Bowl XLVIII

I’m still confused as to why they use roman numerals as a way to count how many there have been. No one knows how to count roman numerals, that’s on you to fix Goodell.

As you probably can see, I don’t take “covering” the Super Bowl seriously, at all. Two weeks of non-stop coverage on everything, from the debate of Peyton being the greatest QB of all time to Richard Sherman’s favorite super hero. Yes some guy wearing a press credential on Media Day asked that question. So if everyone is going all out for this, why should I? Still, here’s everything you need to know about Super Bowl “48.”

#1 vs. #1

Best offense (statistically in history) vs. best defense. The Broncos can hurt you in so many ways, it’s hurting me now. Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas, Eric Deck… you got my point. And then the man that gets the ball to them, Peyton Manning. He owns New York like Jordan owned it in the 90’s. When he plays his brother in NY, he wins. The Jets? Walks all over them. Yet his best performance to date happened at Studio 8H on 49th street where he put on an actual show on the popular “Saturday Night Live” series. Check out this beauty: 

Safe to say, being on a big stage doesn’t effect Mr. Manning. He has been here before, this being his third time, so the pre-game jitters and nervousness won’t be a factor to him as it will say, the Seahawks who have no players with Super Bowl experience. Yet this defense seems not to care about what people think of them. Yeah they talk smack, but they back it up. They knock you down and make sure you stay on the ground. They’re physical, fast and fly to the ball, much like a well oiled Glenbard West defense. Much of the focus has been on the ball hawking (see what I did there)  secondary of Seattle’s defense, but it’s the front seven that will have to do some damage. Virtually no one has sacked Manning this season and yet the only way to beat him is to make him uncomfortable in the pocket. Something’s got to give.

Medicore at best.

Seattle’s offense has been great and then poor. Same goes with the Broncos D. Yet both have made crucial plays to get themselves to the Super Bowl. Russel Wilson is Johnny Manziel before Manziel has even entered the league. He keeps plays alive and breaks down defenses with his arm and legs. Marshawn Lynch is all about that action, boss. That’s something you tell your kids. Let your actions do all the talking. The man will run through, around and all over anyone in his path like he has all season. If Seattle can control the run game, keep a baseball hat on Peyton with long methodical drives, they’re champs.

Easier said than done when a dude named Pot Roast is on the other side of the ball. Terrance Knighton must control the line of scrimmage and the outside pass rushers have to keep Wilson contained, especially without Star linebacker Von Miller. Don’t sleep on Champ Bailey, he was once the best in the game at corner. Now 35, his prime is well past yet it wouldn’t surprise me if the savvy vet made a game changing play.


That was lengthier than I wanted it to be, oh well. Peyton and Champ Bailey are two men destined for the Hall of Fame and this would be a perfect way to close out a career. The best offense of all time with one of the most brilliant seasons a NFL team could have, even with the obstacles of Head Coach John Fox having heart surgery and Von Miller tearing his ACL, the Broncos can complete a dream season.

On the other hand, you have a team powered by their town. It’s rare to see a bond shared between a town and a professional team nowadays. The “12’s” as they are called, will be in full force in NYC but the Seahawks will have to win a game away from Seattle for once. Seattle isn’t humble, they worked to get here, and they will let you know. A QB that has special presence about him, not letting anything get to him, facing adversity head on. A receiver in Percy Harvin, who has battled injury after injury can now win the big one. Richard Sherman can show he is the best in the league by shutting down the passing game with his fellow “Legion of Boom” brothers in Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. There is just something about teams who play punishing defense and pound the running game, also reminds me of one that I used to play for too.

Until shown otherwise, defense has, and always will win Championships.

Seattle 27 Denver 24

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