The Great Debate

It will forever rage on in the NBA. Jordan? Kobe? Magic? Bird? LeBron?

A league that has and will always be driven by stars, carries the biggest debate, who is the greatest of all time?

If you live in LA, odds are it’s Kobe or maybe Magic. If you enjoy bandwagons and watch your team from time to time and leave in Game 6 of the Finals before the final whistle is blown, you’d probably say LeBron right now. And if you have live in Chicago or anywhere else in America and have a glimpse of reality, you would still say Michael Jordan.

I’m not ready to have this conversation, yet. Give me another ten years to watch LeBron then we can talk, but of course another kid will shake this discussion up like LeBron did when he entered in 2003.

I’m going to have a different “Who is the greatest?” debate. In an era when the internet, TV and social media contribute to our everyday activities, the evolution of advertising has struck the stars of the NBA as well.

The other day I was cruising  YouTube when I came across some NBA commercials that I found pretty entertaining and funny, which then turned into Me watching some LeBron and Kobe commercials and then the Jordan classics. All were great, well most were. Which bode the question, who has the best line of commercials?

Kobe and LeBron may have an advantage with having more because of the era we live in, they simply make more than Jordan and others did. But the old timers make up for it with classic commercials that influenced LeBron and Kobe’s. Here are some of these guys’ best ones, trust me you’ll enjoy.

( Grades 1-10, 10 being the best, duh. )



Victim of overlapping into the Jordan era, Kobe wrongfully was compared to MJ too soon but has lived up to those expectations and is only a few thousand points away from beating Jordan’s scoring record and one championship away from tying his six. His commercials will even be compared to Jordan’s too.


Kobe wins in everything he tries, even at his local BINGO night. Grade: 6

This Kobe system series of ads was a little out there but Nike and Kobe brought in some famous people including Jerry Rice and Kanye West. The message is clear here, Kobe dominates life, he wakes up like a champ, brushes his teeth like a champ, ties his sho… you get the point. Grade: 6

It gives you chills. Plain and simple. A timeline of his great career after tearing his Achilles, many thought his career was over. It’s obviously not, but sometimes we forget in a “tell me what you’ve done for me lately” society, how brilliant his career has been and that every NBA fan should be thankful. Grade: 9


King James has gone through some cycles while being a pro in the NBA. His teenager maturity was shown early on in his commercials which were all funny. Then he went to being a villain in them when he left for Miami, and then he has become a family man in them. The newest ones I have to admit are pretty good, heart warming almost, but he still left for Miami when Chicago was still the better option at the time. The “What should I do” Nike commercial was obviously a complete bust when he first left for Miami, making him even more a villain. But since then, thanks to Samsung and Dr. Dre Beats, his act has cleaned up.

When these “The LeBrons” commercials first came out, they came off as very “look at me” and not about the shoes. But looking back, we know they’re many more sides of LeBron than just basketball, exemplified in these. This one although takes the cake, it’s just too funny. Props LBJ and Nike. “Oh lord.” Grade: 8

Known as the “LeBrown” Commercial, it actually set off a serious debate if James could play in the NFL and if he ever would which is simply ridiculous to begin with. His State Farm stint overall wasn’t very good, not all his fault, though. Grade: 5

Yep he’s training again. When you win two Championships you get John Legend to create a song specifically for your commercial, a song that many people (including myself) would like to be released, because it’s only been a couple of months since its debut. Ever since this commercial which aired opening night of the NBA season, his commercials are actually… kinda nice. Centered around community and Family, his PR team needs a raise. Grade 10


Right place at the right time. MJ needed Nike and Nike needed MJ. A partnership that has only grown exponentially since the 80’s, Michael’s commercials were must-see and culture defining in the 90’s. They are classical references we still use today. Too many to count.

One of his “Newer” ones, like this one, Jordan’s ads were riveting and inspiring stuff that only made people want to learn more about his path to greatness. Grade 7

One of the most famous quotes of his career, a quote that many use as their motto to keep pushing forward and not giving up. Short, sweet, classic. Grade 7

This is my personal favorite to be honest. His career through other’s eyes. The ending is a ten. But he didn’t cross Russell over, he pushed off, come on now. Grade 9

An overall classic. If you lived in this era ( which I didn’t but still ) something was seriously wrong with you if you didn’t want to be Like Mike. Grade 8

It obviously was the shoes. Grade 10

Impressive how Gatorade made this happen. Known as 39 vs. 23, one of those commercials you would never mind watching over and over again, especially if the other commercial happens to be that Nissan Rogue one. Grade 10

So It may seem clear to which guy had the best commercials of the three, and while guys like Charles Barkley of the past and Kyrie Irving of now have made some great ones, Kobe and LeBron technically teamed up for a series some may have forgotten, but were great during their time.

The puppets were hilarious because the voices were completely off yet still the concepts were perfect. LeBron and Kobe living together? Too good.

Who is the king of TV? You decide.












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