While I was Gone

Due to a series of unfortunate events that came about including frostbitten hands (we suffered a “Polar Vortex” a few weeks back in the Chicago-land area), I was unable to do typical everyday things like tie my shoes let alone type.

A lot has happened since I last posted about a National Championship game that ended up being one for the ages and sent out the BCS the right way. I will cover everything from then until now ranging from Kevin Durant solidifying himself as the leader in the MVP race (and it’s not even close right now to AFC/NFC Championship Sunday) and the interview that took twitter by storm, that means you Mr. Sherman.

Easy Money Sniper.


Few, if any, that read this will have a clue what those three words above mean. That’s OK, because the next two will clear it up. Kevin Durant. It is his Twitter handle (name) and my goodness was he spot on with it. Since losing Russell Westbrook to another knee injury that will keep him out until after the All-Star break, Oklahoma City have just simply been winning since. Many believed OKC would go .500 without Westbrook yet thanks to Durant they have sustained a 31-10 record facing tough Western Conference foes. As much as I would like to credit guys like Reggie Jackson, Jeremy Lamb and Perry Jones III for stepping up, Kevin Durant has been out of his mind. In his past 7 games he has scored 30 or more, including a 54 point performance against Golden State. Those don’t come around very often anymore and even prompted LeBron to speak out about his “jealousy” of Durant for raking all the points and touches. Bronny if you want to score more you should have stayed in Cleveland my man. But in the past ten games, Easy Money has drained 361 points, grabbed 57 rebounds and has tossed 61 dimes. M.V.P.

Get this man in the Dunk Contest

A few years back a little known Paul George competed in a pointless dunk contest in which he used glow in the dark accessories to illuminate an otherwise typical Dunk Contest dunk. Except this time around he did the old fashion way, in a game. In the words of Mr. Bill Walton THROW IT DOWN YOUNG FELLA! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yhv03qqlHDc It is getting that easy in Indy these days.

Broadway Jo


Diffcult not to post one without referencing my Bulls, but things seem to be getting brighter here in Chicago. After the Luol Deng trade that most certainly shook up the team, organization and the fan base, Joakim Noah, who probably took the trade in the worst way has put this team on his back every night since then, becoming the focal point of the offense, defense and everything else the Bulls seem to be doing these days, averaging 11.7 points, 11 rebounds and 1.3 blocks a game. He is most certainly on his way to another All-Star selection, but more importantly to him and the Bulls, they seem to be gelling better together as a team.rk, cold winter

Tony Snell and Jimmy Butler continue to improve, Snell is getting better everyday and more comfortable, and has become a key contributor to this team. DJ Augustin has done what CJ Watson, Kyle Korver, Marco Belinelli and Nate Robinson have all accomplished, came to Chicago and all of a sudden revitalized their careers, flourishing under Thibs and co. with Rose being out. Yet the main piece revolves around the man in the middle in Jo. After a rare blowout win against the 76ers Saturday night which saw Jo rattle off 21 and 16, he admitted to going out on the town in Chicago that night to enjoy himself with his teammates. Seems to be a similar feel to last year’s team, whatever works, just keep winning.

Pot Roast

Peyton Manning once again dazzled and out shined Tom Brady and the Patriots Sunday in a dominating 26-16 victory that puts Manning and the Broncos back in the Super Bowl after a long 15 years since Elway took them. And while we all expected Manning to continue his unreal statistical season with more touchdown passes and clutch third down throws, it was the defense that caught the eye in the mile-high. Patriots running back LaGarrette Blount ran for four touchdowns last week against the Colts and then was shut down by the Broncos D’ carrying the ball 5 times and rushing for only 6 yards. Much credit due to nose tackle Terrance Knighton who controlled the line-of-scrimmage all game including a huge fourth down sack on Tom Brady in the 2nd half. They call this man “Pot Roast” not sure why exactly but if these Broncos want to win the Super Bowl, they will have to acquire a whole lot more meat on defense to stop Seattle’s Skittles. Speak of the devil…


Honesty is virtue we all must learn from Richard Sherman

A combination of Marshawn Lynch’s beast mode runs, the Seattle faithful known as the “12’s”,  Russell Wilson’s Johnny Football-like plays and Richard Sherman’s mouth, the Seattle Seahawks are New York bound for their second Super Bowl appearance. The NFC Championship game turned out to be a classic at Century Link Field in downtown Seattle. This game had everything. NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle SeahawksIncredible scrambles from both Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, stout defense of play and even a gruesome leg injury that wouldn’t stop being played, great call FOX producers, some of you are probably without a job right now because of that. Nevertheless prayers go out to All-Pro Linebacker Navarro Bowman and a speedy recovery. The 49ers and Colin Kaepernick had one last shot to win this game down 23-17 and driving when Kaepernick lofted a fade to favorite receiver Michael Crabtree, only to be batted away by All-Pro, self acclaimed best corner in the league Richard Sherman and the ball was picked off by Seattle to close the game. What would ensue only made this game more memorable.

Before I get to Sherman’s rant, let me point out something I would think should have been pointed out by the 8 receivers that happen to be analysts at ESPN. Michael Crabtree and Colin Kaepernick are well aware of Sherman’s abilities against the fade route. So why throw it? Kaepernick should have thrown this ball up for grabs and let Crabtree use his bigger frame against Sherman in a jump-ball situation. Regardless Crabtree needs to do something known as “high pointing the football.” This is when a receiver has to realize that this ball isn’t going to long enough of a throw, so therefore you stop and go up and compete for the ball. Even my 5’11” 175 pound frame did this in High School so why didn’t Crabtree?

While you could pick and choose who’s to blame for the game deciding play on the Niners, all credit goes to Richard Sherman. It takes a special player to make the play he did. AS for what he said to FOXs Erin Andrews and ESPN’s Ed Werder, is to be interpreted by many for a long time.

Yes it was selfish, arrogant, repulsive etc. Yet I’m on Sherman’s side here. In some sarcastic, ironically funny way, coming from past experience, to me you’re not a corner if you don’t talk smack. They all do it. Maybe it is because they have an inferiority complex because they can’t catch the ball like us receivers can, but it just happens to be the nature of the position. Being far away from the ball, all is fair in smack talk between wide-outs and corners, some of the best lines I have learned from cornerbacks that I have faced. Of course if you run good routes, catch the ball and block them, they turn out to be very quiet and reserved gentlemen of football. Obviously Crabtree had a tough day with Sherman.

Much of this rant was prompted by Crabtree shoving Sherman’s face after the game when he went in for a “good game” handshake. Of course Crabtree was unhappy about the outcome and the smack talk and jawing that went on between those two throughout the game was probably pure reality TV. You still be the bigger person and shake his hand even if he is showing you the Reggie Miller choke sign in your face. So maybe Sherman does have a right to call Crab “Medicore at best” and ” a sorry receiver” but don’t go after Sherman because of his race or call him a thug because of what he said, the man writes his column every Monday for the MMQB and throughout the season if you read, he is always talking about his teammates or in the SI article that featured him, he continued to bring up those who helped him get to where he is today as a person and a player.

Sure he is arrogant when it comes to football, but since he made the play to send his team to the Super Bowl, he can talk, just maybe not right after the game with the those competitive juices still flowing.

It was a wild few weeks to start off the 2014 year, it only seems things are only going to get better, kinda like my frostbite. Hopefully.



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