More than enough?

If you’re an every day Bulls fan, then you get that title. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is going to take the saying to his grave.

“We have more than enough to win.”

Maybe last year, but no one is talking about last year. We all want to move on from last year. And then we got stuck with this year, which makes us want to beg for last year, Ya dig? Last year’s team was built to win without Rose. This year they were geared up and ready to win with Rose, except when the engine in your car stops working for the second time in two years, you become frustrated to the point where you’re just ready to get rid of the car all together. This is the state of the Chicago Bulls.

I’m not saying get rid of Rose like many other self-acclaimed “aficionado’s” out there who think he has nothing left in the tank. History and statistics are certainly against him, but I’ll save my breath about that topic for a different time.

What I’m saying is the Chicago Bulls fans are the owner of the broken down car. You’ve loved this car, you been through it all with it, both good and bad. Yet it has failed you one too many times now.

At this point, I can only listen to Bulls games for the time being. It’s tough enough to watch them so as I do my homework I listen to the deflated voice of Chuck Swirsky, the Bulls Radio play-by-play guy who wants this team to win so much but he can’t take it anymore, you can hear it in his voice. And if you’re watching the awful Knicks kick around the Bulls for that matter, then you must know how painful this is.

Rose, Butler, Deng, Boozer and Noah was suppose to be a premier lineup in the NBA. Now, currently the Bulls have Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Erik Murphy, Mike Dunleavy and Nazr Mohammed on the floor. For those who don’t know that isn’t a NBA lineup no disrespect, but yeah it isn’t. Obviously Deng and Butler will come back and with Tony [Snell] being the only bright spot, playing well as of late, the Bulls will have some formidable wings to work with. But that doesn’t make it better, it indeed makes it worse.

When you’re a fan of the Bobcats, Kings and Raptors, all of which live in the cellar of the NBA, you know what you’re going to get night in and night out. A joke. These teams will rack up twenty-something wins and then hope they get the winning lotto in next year’s stacked draft. Being a Bulls fan is arguably more stressful and painful. For instance, take the game they played against the Heat a few days ago. They beat them by 20, something they have yet to do with Rose let alone missing Butler too. Then the next night they fail to beat the Milwaukee Bucks (who are just awful) at home where they also fail to put up 80 points. And then there is the dreaded Circus trip where they lost to the then 1-14 Utah Jazz. So you could argue that watching this team beat the league’s best team the past four years one night and then lose to teams that haven’t hit five wins yet another, is more excruciating than watching a loser lose every night, because at least that loser is going to get a great draft pick, the Bulls? Who’s going to be there to help change a franchise at pick 15?

Now of course most of this frustration and anger has come of bad luck with injuries. But if Rose stayed healthy and lost the other four starters to various injuries everyone would be saying “Hey we still got enough to win!” When Rose can only do so much. He is not the entire team, but he makes this team and city go.

If you know me, the first people I’m going to blame are Gar & Pax and now the owner Jerry Reinsdorf. I’ll start with you Mr. Reinsdorf. You want to stay under the luxury tax so don’t give up another few million from your hundreds of million dollar bank account. What exactly are you saving up for? LeBron? He isn’t coming here when the fans and players for that matter cuss his name and boo him. Melo? Does he really fit with anything the Bulls stand for? Old guys like Dirk, Pierce and Stoudemire won’t have anything left in the tank so don’t make the same mistake twice and over pay for what someone has done. So when you had the chance to go after a savvy, explosive veteran in Andre Iguodala who can create his own shot and be a lock down defender as well, you didn’t want to because you’re saving up for a mythical game-changer of a free agent that isn’t out there.

Gar & Pax I’ll be short and sweet. Whatever you can get for Luol Deng, Dion Waiters perhaps, do it. I’ll be the first one to say that the man should be apart of this organization for life because he deserves it. But for $13 million a year again? Be smart with your money, it’ll be a sad day in Chicago to see the #9 in a jersey that isn’t red and white.

At this point I’m probably just putting words on a screen letting out my frustration but I’m not the only one. The Chicago Bulls are a premier Franchise in the NBA, one that when contending makes the Association a better league. But when is enough, enough? Thibs has a beef with the guys up stairs (like everyone else) and what if he walked, then where do you go after the best coach since Phil Jackson leaves?

If Luol gets traded and more uncertainty surrounding the friction of Thibs and Gar occurs, does the man above go job hunting somewhere else?

Scary thoughts that hopefully will never happen, but when you watch as pathetic of a performance as the one that is going on in Madison Square Garden right now, one or two thoughts pop into your head I guess.

-A depressed, Goat.

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