NCAA Basketball 2013: Year of the SuperFrosh

SuperFrosh: Pertaining to a College  freshman basketball player that has ridiculous and unlimited potential on a basketball court.

That is the dictionary definition of a SuperFrosh. I also made that up, but leave no doubt, these guys are legit.

College Basketball season has kicked off with some unusual excitement than it normally has this year. After coming off of a classic March Madness that saw Wichita State make it to the Final Four and Florida Gulf Coast Dunk their way to the Sweet 16, as well as one of the most fun National Championship games to watch in recent memory between Louisville and Michigan. This year has some pretty high expectations to live up too. It might have already done that, enter the SuperFrosh.

Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins might just go 1, 2, 3, 4 in next years draft, but they have one year of wowing to do at the collegiate level before that happens. All four are off to a fantastic start.

Julius Randle is off to an epic start. 5 games, 5 double-doubles. In the Champions Classic against Michigan State, Randle took a struggling Kentucky offense in the first half and put it on his back in the second half absolutely bullying a tough Mich. State low post defense and almost brought Kentucky back for the win. He will demand double and triple teams throughout the year, none of which will stop him and will leave four other first round draft picks wide open, pick your poison with Kentucky, they’re going to be special come March.

Aaron Gordon isn’t going to be talked about much considering he goes to school out West at Arizona. If you asked him, he’d be perfectly fine with that. Gordon is a rare bread of athlete to go along with a silky smooth shooting stroke. Translation: a picture perfect shooting guard in the NBA. Gordon is also a an under-rated rebounder which makes him a double-double machine as well, but at the two guard? That’s something special.

Andrew Wiggins has already had to deal with the hype. He’s doing it with what we all expected, high-flying athletic plays that make you realize two things, 1) that you have never seen someone more athletic at his size, (that’s saying something) and 2) the NBA dunk contest really needs him. Early on in the season against Duke, we saw how special Wiggy can be. Kansas was playing

Duke in the second game of the Champions Classic with 1:31 left to go and Kansas up 83-81, Wiggins received the ball back to the basket, then sized up Duke’s best defender in Rodney Hood with a step back jumper that only hit the bottom of the net. Then after a steal, he flew down the court for the two-handed jam and fouled out fellow SuperFrosh Jabari Parker as well as icing up the game, all in a span of 45 seconds. His first step is unreal quick and his bounce will serve him well as he continues to become the next ‘one’. In the words of the great Will Smith, “Gotta get Wiggy with it!”

Speaking of Jabari Parker, all credit to him during that Kansas game he looks by far the most NBA ready. I may be biased towards the Chicago native, but his game is hard not too like. At 6’8″ 235, Parker can play either the 3 or the 4 in the NBA and just about every position in College thanks to his skill set. When need be, he can bring up the ball as a point guard would, or go down to the post and grab rebounds and dominate offensively in the post. If a team takes that away the mid-range jumper he has is a silky as well, silk. His 3 point touch isn’t to be ignored either, Parker is an all-around dominant offensive player. His sheer size and athleticism alone makes him un-gaurdable yet his game is much more polished than any other player in College Basketball in the past ten years. Right now, in Goat’s opinion, he should be the No. 1 pick, but that will stay with Wiggins unless something catastrophic happens. Yet, a team will be very lucky to draft someone as humble and as talented as Parker, something Duke is finding out about right now.

College Basketball shapes up to be something much more than special this year, the entire season should be a treat to watch following these players, let alone the crazy stuff that rolls around come March.


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