First Four Weeks of College Football Review

“Don’t call it a come back I’ve been here for years.” – LL Cool J

I’m back folks after a rather long layoff since my last post. I sincerely apologize, who else is going to give the most right and sarcastic opinion about anything sports anyways? A lot has happened on the college gridiron and there is only one person and one place where you can get all the information you need moving forward. That’s why they call me Goat.

1.  Here’s Johnny!

After his devastating and lengthy one-half suspension, Mr. Football is letting us know that he is still the defending Heisman trophy winner and that all contenders to his throne will have to match-up with is dazzling backyard plays that you see at your local Turkey Bowl, not to mention that his stats are already Heisman worthy too. 1228 yards passing, 12 Tds and 70% completion rating is pretty good, add a historic game where he threw for 464 against mighty Alabama and almost pulling off another stunner. Yeah, there shouldn’t be a discussion on who is winning it this year. Let the champ do what he wants, he’s in college for goodness sake.

2.  Simmering Tide?

Besides getting business done in College Station, Bama has looked less than impressive this year against far less superior opponents. They started off the year lackluster with a not-so-impressive-win against VA Tech and the recent win against Colorado St. that was actually a game into the third quarter. Complacency is a mistress Nick Saban has yet to deal with in his tenure in Tuscaloosa, but this Bama team looks nothing like the world beaters they have been in the past. Yet they are still 3-0 and the best team in the land…for now.

3. Don’t blink.

No Chip, no problem. Oregon is still flying high in the Northwest. Behind the arm of Marcus Mariota and the wheels of De’Anthony Thomas, the Ducks look better, deeper and faster than ever. If the Ducks can past the test against Stanford which is quickly looking like the winner of that game will play Bama for the title ( If Ohio State has something to say about that) but of course it is earlier and plenty of football has yet to be played. And let’s not forget, Oregon’s uniforms are still the undisputed Champs.

Mariota has quickly gained Heisman hype with 11 total touchdowns and 889 yards passing through 3 games.

4. Geaux Tigers

LSU has always been a powerhouse, but this year for some unexplained reason, the Tigers have flown under the radar. The Tigers have 3 big games coming up in conference against Georgia, Ole Miss and Florida and if they win all three, I’ll take them to go up to Tuscaloosa and beat the number one team in the nation in the Tide. Because if there is one person I don’t bet against it’s that nut Les Miles.

5. Everyone loves a good Cinderella Story

It’s been awhile since teams like Boise State and TCU went neck and neck with the big fellas and beat them, but this year offers many teams that could do the impossible and pull the upset. Northwestern has take the right steps to becoming a great football program behind Pat Fitzgerald. Tapping into Illinois’ deep football roots in recruiting he has built a team that could possibly win the Big Ten. But first in two weeks they go to battle against Ohio State at home, upset city? I wouldn’t be surprised, this program is ready. Bulldogs in College Football means only one team, Georgia. Well think again ladies and gents because the Fresno State Bulldogs have swept the West by storm and are sitting at No. 25 and ready to bust some BCS. They have won close games against Rutgers and Boise State and look more than poised to make some noise come November.

It’s good to be back and talking about College Football again, but let’s be realistic here, Bulls Basketball starts in 12 days. If that doesn’t get you pumped then you’re probably not a fan of the Bulls, in that case, you might want to rethink why you’re here in the first place.


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