Why not this Year?

One in the morning on a Saturday night is usually not a typical time for me to be discussing anything about sports. But I can’t sleep and there is always time for Derrick Rose and my Chicago Bulls.

It is not healthy or right for that matter for me to be thinking about this upcoming NBA season and the Bulls in the middle of August but football two-a-days hasn’t started yet and I got time on my hands so hey why not?

I’ve been reading a lot about the Derrick Rose and the Bulls lately mostly having to do with off-season moves and the schedule for the 2013-2014 season, as well as Rose speaking to reporters on his tour across Europe for Adidas. It has also been quite awhile since I last spoke about the Bulls usually because I need a break from them every now and then due to the fact that during the winter all I do is Chicago Bulls related. So before I give a preseason outlook, here are some thoughts about the summer that was for the Bulls and moving forward…

First I’d like to start with the draft and the free agency moves for the Bulls. As expected, the Bulls did what they could as they are still land locked money wise and could only resign Nazr Mohammed and sign sharpshooter Mike Dunleavy Jr.  But don’t over look the 11 year veteran out of Duke. He makes it rain from outside, something the Bulls haven’t had since Kyle “hot sauce” Korver was traded 2 seasons ago. His main reasons for wanting to play for Chicago were as simple as they get. He wanted to win and said there was no better way to do it than with having the opportunity to play with Derrick Rose. He will fit well into the Bulls system and will blend nicely with Hinrich and Gibson off the bench creating bench mob 3.0.

The Bulls have had a few solid draft classes in the past 5 or so seasons and this years promises to be no different. Tony Snell, a swing-man from New Mexico brings plenty of length (nearly 7 foot wing-span) and a whole lot of shooting to the table for the Bulls.

Bulls hope Snell can contribute right away off the bench.

His stroke is like butter and his dreads are just as smooth. In the second round, the Bulls drafted a stretch 4 in Erik Murphy out of Florida who has great range for a big man. Knowing Thibs it’s hard seeing either playing substantial minutes unless injuries (knock on wood) become an issue again but Snell can make a similar impact as Butler has.

Now for the main event. The two players most will be focusing on next year are obviously Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler. Rose will make his anticipated debut against the Heat (opening night) and Knicks (First game at the UC) while Butler will continue what he built on last year by settling himself in as one of the best defenders in the league as well as improve his outside game and ability to create his own shot. Butler has been living a semi-Hollywood star life this summer appearing at the ESPY’s in LA as well as traveling to China. But he has spent the majority of time in the Berto Center continuing to improve his all-around game and becoming Rose’s wing-man the Bulls have been looking for since I was in 7th grade. Which leads me into my next segment…

He’s 100%. He says he is the best. And he is ready to make everyone remember how good Derrick Rose was. That’s a trio of things that I’ve been looking forward too since April 26th, 2012 at approximately  3 pm central time. Ever since that day, I’ve been trying not too worry about when he was going to come back, but of course I was anxious just like everyone else to see the most athletic point guard in league history go back to work.  But that was in the past. The Bulls weren’t going to win anything substantial with or with-

Rose promises he will play in first game of the season.

out him last year. But that was last year. This year…why not? We won’t know until Oct. 29th but there are plenty of reports that say Rose is stronger, faster and his game is even better than before. He has been in the gym everyday he possible can be doing whatever it takes because he and the Bulls know that the time to win with this group is now. Luol is in his final year of his contract, Boozer is on the verge of being amnestied and Captain Kirk only has so many games left in the tank. Yet with Rose, the window of opportunity seems like a decade, if he stays healthy. The fans and media’s confidence in Rose’s health will only grow with every game that he looks like his old MVP self. But seriously I am sick and tired of caring about what the media and other fans think about Rose. If you think he should have played and are mad that he sat than OK that is fine but that is in the past. But there seems to be a great sense of urgency in every word these Bulls say. Butler saying, “We can’t let the Heat three-peat” and Rose proclaiming he is the best in the league in a CNN interview. There still hasn’t been a year where the Bulls have had the luck to stay relatively healthy throughout an entire year or get the ball to bounce their way against the Heat in the playoffs. The Heat and Pacers believe they have a lock on the two beasts of the East this season, but it will be a nice wake up call when they have to face a different beast coming out of Chicago this year. No more will the Bulls be out manned, this season they’re going into every game guns blazin’ like its their last because why not? Why can’t it be the Bulls year? The last time Derrick Rose said “Why not” he became the league’s youngest MVP.


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