Johnny B. Goode

365 days ago, hardly anyone outside the state of Texas would really know who Johnny Manziel is.

He stepped into the National spotlight after torching the Tide.

Even though he was heavily recruited out of High School, SportCenter wasn’t featuring his name every other day for when he stepped outside his house and had a breath of fresh air. Today he is the most scrutinized 20 year old College Football player for his antics on and off the field. Ever since he lifted that Heisman trophy, the media has never hopped off his back. TMZ and ESPN follow his every move a blow whatever he does out of proportion. Sure the kid has made some mistakes and has a little growing up to do, but for goodness sake to the 40 and 50 somethings who are his biggest critics, I ask you. What were you like at 20 years old? Did you go to frat parties? Of course. Did you “have a good time” on your College Spring Breaks? I’m sure you have plenty of stories to tell us. But did you win the Heisman as Freshman? You still didn’t even know how to balance a check book at his age.

You can’t doubt his abilities as a football player. He evades pressure better than anyone I’ve ever seen, his speed in and out of cuts are running back-like and his arm strength and accuracy is only going to get better. The average football play is anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds. With Manziel, its anywhere from 6 to 8 seconds and that’s what makes him so special. You can’t teach half the things he does. You can’t teach improvisation or his elusiveness. I’ve yet to see someone get a straight sack or hit on him yet, and he’s only 6’1″ (maybe) and 190 pounds. What makes him so great over anything on the football field, is despite his size he’s going to go 100 mph ever play and will be fearless doing it. He makes everyone on the field look in slow motion while he slides right passed him. He made Alabama look like a typical College Football team and everyone outside that state was sure glad to see Bama come back to Earth. Before you condemn him for being immature for having a few cold ones at a party realize that this kid made a name for himself from being an ordinary Football player to being the best one in America. Not too bad if you ask me.

Sure his alter ego “Johnny Football” might be a loose cannon off the field at times, but on the field you can’t touch the kid. Because at the end of the day he wants Texas A&M to win Championships and when he’s your QB you got a chance. So enjoy yourself Johnny and be a college kid just like people have and are going to be. Keep in mind no College Football player has walked into his Sophomore year accomplishing what he has. He’ll have a target on his back this season, but the real question is who is going to catch up with him.

From what I’ve heard, he seems to be a very nice and fun guy to be around. So TMZ and ESPN can stop making a good guy seem evil because he had a few beers, while Ryan Braun cheated and lied to everyone about taking PED’s and Aaron Hernandez is suspected of murder. All Johnny has to do, is B. Goode, and be you.



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