Game 6. ‘Bron Time

Let’s flashback to this time last year. Game 6, Conference Finals, Heat down 3-2 to the Celtics going into Boston where most pundits saw this as another LeBron James team coming up short of an NBA title. 48 minutes later LeBron tallied 45 points and 15 rebounds as Miami cruised to the victory all because of that extra gear that LeBron has that separates himself as the best player in the NBA. He showed that at any given time he wants, he can flashback to his Cleveland days and take on any team by himself on both ends of the floor. A year later, that gear is still working fine.

The Pacers have put up one hell of a fight these Conference Finals. Game One seemed to be all but theirs after Paul George turned himself into Reggie Miller and hit a 35 footer to put it into OT and then making three clutch free throws to give the Pacers the lead and surely the win. Yet somehow LeBron blew past George and the entire Pacers defense for a buzzer-beating layup. A few games later going back and forth, The Miami LeBron’s.. I mean Heat have been able to take control of the series thanks to the stellar play of the one man show, LeBron James.

After Game 5 he was quoted saying he “went back to his Cleveland days and took over” and many say that was a shot at teammates Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade who were to help LeBron in situations like this, haven’t. And like mama always says if you want something done right, do it yourself and that’s what James has been doing this entire series. It’s the harsh reality that is the Miami Heat: Chris Anderson, Udonis Haslem and LeBron are the new Big three for Miami. Now I won’t get too carried away but shoot numbers never lie and they certainly won’t in this series. Bosh and Wade have barely contributed to the Heat’s three wins this series which goes to show how good James has been.

Game 6 is usually the deciding game in most series’ and my prediction,whether I like it or not, has Miami in the Finals (sigh). But I do expect Bosh and Wade to show up tonight and play like they should, especially Wade who hasn’t really had breakout game this series or playoffs for that matter. I think the media has finally labeled this LeBron’s franchise even though the City of Miami had a true love for D-Wade. Times have changed and so have Wade’s knees. The scary truth for Miami is that this might be their last championship run where Dwayne is a vital source of scoring. He has been injured all season and very inconsistent play has led many and myself to believe that the end is near for a player who once was a top 5 player in the NBA. But as I said earlier, I think he has a breakout game tonight to put the Heat in the Finals.

As for LeBron nothing at this point can surprise me. From triple-doubles to 50 points in a game his remaining critics lie in the households of Chicago, Boston and Cleveland. But his comment about going back to the Cleveland days left a small piece of speculation that maybe he won’t re-sign with the Heat. While the odds are very high still that in 2014 he signs a deal to become a part of the Heat for life, he has to look at his hometown as another option. Could he go back? Only time will tell, but for now, it’s his world and we’re just livin’ in it. (Another sigh)


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