Every one has their own opinion about hope. It can mean a dream,  a thought, or a wish. We all hope for something, doesn’t matter what it is, but we hope for it.

The official definition of hope is, “the state which promotes the belief in a good outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life.” We often relate hope to sports, especially around this time of year. Playoff time. The very fact that everything that you have worked for since before the season started, could be washed away in a second is the risk you take when you play in the playoffs. Doesn’t matter if it’s the NHL, NBA or high school, it happens to everyone. Hope is that third party we all believe in. When sometimes we don’t rely on all the abilities we have practiced for hours on hours and the last thing we rely on to come through in the clutch, is hope.

It’s a dream we have since day one. Something that pushes us beyond the limits we thought we could reach. Obviously, the dreams we have usually don’t come true. But every now and then we accomplish something that we have been thinking about since the day we set out on our journey. Whether that journey be sports related or not, it’s a goal, a dream, something we hope for.

Personally, I believe in hope. For some reason, when I feel that I have done everything in my power to accomplish something, a goal I have set out myself, and I’m on the brink of failure, I resort to hope. I hope and pray that everything that I have worked for up to that point is accomplished. Whatever it may be, a state championship, a catch or a base hit, I have an extraordinary sense of hope that I can accomplish it. Because after all, when your abilities can’t take you any farther, you close your eyes, and hope for the best.

A dream is a powerful thing. It can take you down a path no man has ever been down before. Every successful human being has had a vision or dream that led them to greatness. But at one time or another, they’ve had to hope that it will come true. Hope can be even more powerful than a dream, because a  dream relies on hope and that someday it will come true.



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