Die Hard

The inevitable conclusion to a ridiculously fun and heart-wrenching season for the Bulls is right around the corner. While the Bulls are only down 2-1 to Miami in the series with another game to go at the UC, it is still possible for the Bulls to pull another W out of their behinds. But how long can they last? Whatever the ending maybe, evident of last night, The Bulls are going down guns blazin’.

In a town made up of blue-collared people, it is only fitting that our Bulls have been playing with so much intensity and heart despite being as depleted as they are. Most teams in the NBA who lose their starting backcourt, superstar and their most important player night in and night out, wouldn’t stand a chance against anybody let alone LeBron and the defending champions Miami Heat. Yet, even though they have had to start half their bench this series the Bulls aren’t going down lightly.

Nazr Mohammed’s “LeShove” was probably the last thing the Bulls needed last night. But it also was the one thing the Bulls DID need. Nazr knows what he did was wrong, he’s a 35 year-old journeyman who has been around the league for the past decade and a half. But his shove that put LeBron James, the world’s greatest talent in basketball, on the floor, gave Chicago all it wanted. Coming so close to landing the star that would have fit so perfectly with the Bulls, a man that is the only force in the East keeping the Bulls out of the Finals, it was refreshing to see someone to stand up to King James. Even better that it was our Bulls. While at times struggling to find a basket and suffering from bad calls, the last thing the Bulls are going to let happen is to let Miami think they can walk over them.

The reality is sadly, the Bulls don’t have enough bodies and ability, to keep up with the Heat. Jimmy Butler can only play so many games without rest, Noah and Gibson only have 6 fouls to assert their presence down low and Nate Robinson can only do the impossible so many times. At some point the Bulls will run out of energy but they will never run out of heart. It is an honor to watch your team stand up to the most annoying sports team not named the Chicago Bears and have the guts to punch them back in the mouth. While Heat fans get to watch Chris Bosh yell at Mario Chalmers in disgust, we get to watch Noah and Nazr stand up for their teammates in the heat of battle. And while it may not be the smartest thing to do in the playoffs, where ever little thing matters, it’s a pleasure to all Bulls fans that win, lose, or draw, for 48 minutes our Bulls are going to fight and give the Miami Heat hell for as long they can.

Game 4 is a must win. And Bulls will do whatever it takes to win it or will die trying.


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