Nate Robinson 1 Miami Heat 0

There are 3 certainties in life. Death, Taxes and the Chicago Bulls finding a way to keep on winning. Thanks to Coach Thibs, we can rely on these fellas to give their city and fans 100% every time they touch the floor. This may only be Game 1, but let it be known, the tone has been set.

Behind a banged up Nate Robinson, the Bulls defeated the “MVP’s” Heat 93-86. Jimmy Butler also played great once again playing all 48 minutes (That’s three straight games now) while scoring 21 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. Joakim Noah played, well like Joakim Noah would play with 13 and 11. But the story here is the little man from the great Northwest in Nate Robinson. For those who don’t know this man’s story you might want to listen up. At just 5′ 8” (Barely this height) Nate has always been a freak athlete playing both Football and Basketball in College. His time in the NBA can only be categorized as the same way he plays, a¬†rollercoaster. He was drafted by the Knicks where he won 3 dunk contests (only man to do so) and then from there went on to play for Oklahoma City, Boston, Golden State and now our Chicago Bulls. While he has been heroic these playoffs, for those who have watched the entire season know that this is typical Nate. See, there is Good Nate and Bad Nate. When Robinson is feeling it, he can hit any shot from anywhere in the gym. But sometimes he will take them regardless of how well he is doing and they end up being bad shots. Fortunately for the Bulls, we have gotten Great Nate these playoffs. Playing with 10 stitches in his upper lip after being slammed to the floor from almighty LeBron, the little warrior still found a way to be the difference in this game.

Winning Game 1 IN MIAMI was huge, don’t get me wrong. But Bulls fans still have a bad taste in our mouths from two years ago where the same thing happened in Game 1, and then Miami would go on to win 4 straight. With that being said, the Bulls are without that entire bench from 2 years ago, Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich and of course Derrick. So against all odds, could the Bulls keep on winning?Behind Thibs, anything is possible. After all, according to him, the Bulls have “More than enough to win.”

Sure seems like it.


PS Nick Floyd and I knew how good Jimmy Butler was going to be from the minute he was drafted. Go Bulls


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