100% Heart

The City of Chicago had a well deserved good time tonight. So did Joakim Noah.

Coming out of Florida he had a share of his critics. Can’t shoot the 15 footer, no post-game, won’t be physical enough to be a solid NBA Center. Tonight those critics are swallowing their words after his 24 points 14 rebounds and 6 blocks night at the office. A team that fought injuries, the flu and fatigue, dug deeper than ever for 48 minutes. Not only did they win this game, but they dominated it. Tonight our Bulls showed that a little bit of heart and hustle can beat talent on any given day.  But don’t let it go unnoticed, Noah was not the only hero of this game. A little known winner from Kentucky, Marquis Teague played a CRUCIAL 14 minutes. His stat line wasn’t impressive (4 points and 3 assists) but the fact that a rookie played as well and under control as he did ended up being one of many X-factors for the Bulls. So did The man, the myth, the Italian. Marco Belinelli. He didn’t play much the first few games of this series, but he sure finished, adding 22 points and several key shots in the end including a clutch 3 off of a Noah offensive board that went on to seal the deal.

While tonight the Bulls will go to sleep with plenty of pride and happiness, they know what is next. Miami. Every game, preseason, regular season and postseason is a war. If you love defense and physicality in Basketball you’ll want to DVR this series. Miami is clearly the favorite, most pundits will have them sweeping the Bulls en route to the Conference Finals. Thibs and the gang will see that as just another opportunity to shock the world. Because if there was something to be learned tonight, it’s that with a little bit of heart, character and teamwork, you can accomplish anything. Tonight our Chicago Bulls proved it to us once again.

Plenty of room on the bandwagon, go bulls go.


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