Fallen Stars

Kobe, Rose, Rondo, Westbrook are all top ten players in the NBA…who won’t be lighting up scoreboards during the playoffs. All have suffered severe injuries in the past year but they are not the only ones suffering, the Association is too. The NBA has, and always will thrive off of name recognition from its players. From Bird and Magic, to Jordan and Kobe and now LeBron and Durant. But the playoffs are just not the same without these four. But there is one man who is keeping ratings afloat and the playoffs buzzing. World meet a man you already know, Stephen Curry.

You might remember Steph as a skinny College kid wearing what seemed to be an XL Davidson jersey in the NCAA Tournamnet long ago, but now he is nothing short of a budding NBA superstar. He isn’t lighting quick like Rose, doesn’t post triple-doubles  like Rondo and barely dunks the ball let alone throw it down like Westbrook. But there is always room for a guy on a NBA team who can shoot. And Curry does that well, very very very Well. He broke Ray Allen’s single season 3PT made record in one season in 61 fewer attempts. His range is unlimited and his accuracy is only found in military equipment. All joking aside he has been the savior of these playoffs. Nobody was interested in LeBron in Milwaukee, I’m pretty sure ‘Bron wasn’t interested either. Curry is putting up video game like numbers against the Nuggets who were suppose to run through Golden State. Now Denver is one game away from being eliminated. The pure basketball talent that Curry possesses cannot be expressed in words, but in one video clip of Game 4 against the Nuggets, just a couple of days ago…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dbk7BlCShsE. Yeah he’s special. His jumper is butter, his crossover is killer and his ability to heat up rivals most microwaves on the market today. To put it in simple terms, Stephen Curry is an NBA superstar. While he is still very young and it is scary to see what he improves on next, the Golden State Warriors are on the rise, and have a Golden Boy to lead them into battle.

And just for kicks he happened to put up 54 against the Knick’s on 11 of 13 from downtown, in the garden.


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