March 27th, 2013

You know the story. No Rose, Noah, Rip and Marco and yet the Bulls still had to play 48 minutes of basketball against a team that haven’t put a “L” in their record since Joe Flacco and Ray Lewis led the Ravens to a Super Bowl. 51 days later with virtually ESPN’s entire staff in Chicago for the night, our Bulls showed them and the nation how tough they play.

The Miami Heat without a doubt did something that won’t happen for a long, long time. 27 wins in a row in a professional league is unheard of.  LeBron is the MVP this year and this team is destined for a title. But tonight at the location of 1901 W Madison St  Chicago, IL the Bulls played with the same toughness and energy of two years ago. And damn, it felt good to be them tonight.

Deng played lights out, Jimmy Butler put himself on the walls of little Bulls fans rooms and Carlos Boozer played his contract tonight. Today was a good day. Lu had 28 points and 7 rebounds and Boozer had 21 and 17. Butler and Taj contributed big time as well, but the difference was Kirk Hinrich. The captain set the tone early by making sure LeBron James would not dunk on him, even if he had to tackle him, but that’s the motto, whatever it takes. He had the game in control every time he ran up the court with the ball in his hand. Even though he has been hurt every other game it seems and yes it frustrates the hell out of me, he is the reason this teams head is still above water. Yes Dad, you were right. Again.

This was a huge game. Bill Simmons said it was the biggest regular season game since Jordan returned back in ’95. Yet our Bulls are not a team that is going to dwell on such a great victory, Thibs won’t allow it. What it means, The Bulls are on a 3 game winning streak and clinched a playoff birth. This was not an upset (for those who don’t watch the Bulls). Every time the Bulls compete, play defense and rebound at a high level they will almost always win the game. The player of the game in my mind is Carlos Boozer. He is playing his best year of basketball in Chicago and tonight grabbed a 13 million dollar rebound and put back that sealed the deal.

Party hard tonight Chicago, It has been awhile since we’ve been pumped about our Bulls. Trust me, there is plenty of room for you Blackhawks fans.



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