Back to the Drawing Board.

The Bulls sucked tonight. Give me Jamaal Crawford, Eddy Curry, Antonio Davis, Ron Mercer and Eddie Robinson from like ’02 and they would put up a better fight. I went to the Christmas Day game where the Rockets made the Bulls look like an AAU team that I used to play against in 8th grade and everyone thought it couldn’t get any worse. Hold up, it did.

If Derrick Rose even played in this game the Bulls would have more turnovers than he would have points and he averages mid- 20’s against the Heat which is pretty good against the defending champs. ‘Bron is playing at an unreal level, I said it and so should the rest of Chicago. I know we all hate his guts but if you are a Basketball fan you know how good he is. And the funny thing is, HE WANTED TO COME TO CHICAGO. Rose, Deng, James, Gibson and Noah + plus the old bench mob = 6 more rings. Maybe a little carried away there but you get my math. If you’re playing the ol’ we almost had him card tonight look no further than the two men I dislike most in this organization, John Paxson and Gar Forman. I get it, Jerry (Reinsdorf) doesn’t want to pay Luxury tax for a team that one night makes you say “OK maybe we will be alright without Derrick.” To “Clean House TRADE EVERYONE” types of nights. But honestly say the Bulls DID have money to blow like they had 30 million in ’10, the greatest off-season to get an all-star caliber player in NBA history. They spent all their money on a great bench (applaud you two for that) but of course choose the one player who hasn’t played on President’s Day weekend since then. Friken Carlos Boozer. Yes the first game against Miami he played spectacular and during January he was ballin’ but now its same old Booze. Trust me I like him more than most typical Bulls fans who after every game say “Ahhh yeah that Boozer guy sucks.” Tonight I agree with you typical bandwagon-Bulls fan. Sure they got him for low-post scoring  but you hired a defensive coach first Gar and Pax? I’m not saying David Lee plays the low block and free-throw line extended better or rebound and plays defensive as good as Boozer… OH WAIT, he does and he was an All-Star last weekend.

By no means is this all Boozers fault, the Bulls lit up the scoreboard tonight with 67 points. Once a team without Derrick Rose that kicked ass against Boston and Miami and now a team without Derrick Rose that can’t put up 70, nor hold on to the ball for 24 seconds. 2 years ago Chicago was hyped about these fellas, even though we lost to Miami, we all thought we were one player away and we’ll be in the Finals. But then the lockout happened and the most unfortunate and unlucky injury in Chicago Bulls history happened and now if the Bulls lose out maybe, just maybe we could hit the lottery jackpot and get the first pick again. But knowing our buddies Gar and Pax they’d botch that too. Keep ballin’ LeBron, you really showed Chicago how smart our front office was tonight. As for the team we love dearly…Back to the Basics.


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