MJ’s Top Moments #3 The Shot

You’ve probably seen it a thousand times especially if you  are a sports fan. Simply known as “the Shot” it was the worse thing that happened to Cleveland until, well you know that LeBron thing. Craig Ehlo if you are watching turn away.

Game 5 of the 1989-1990 Eastern Conference first round, Bulls vs Cavs, to that date, it might have been the best playoff series with it tied at 2-2. The game before MJ hit a buzzer beater to win the game and tie up the series. So the stage was set for magic to strike in Cleveland.

6 seconds left in the game, Michael hit a jumper that surely would give the Bulls the win and the series. But the Cavs struck up some magic of their own, simply known as “The Play” in Cleveland. Ehlo was the inbounder and he passed it in to Nance and drove all the way to the hoop for the layup and gave the Cavs the slim lead 100-99 with only two seconds left and it just four seconds the series had turned into the favor of Cavs destiny. But then Doug Collins drew up the play that he probably named “Give it to Mike and watch” play, something Doug had in his back pocket that the rest of the league didn’t. In of the most famous calls of all time, it gives everyone chills, except Craig Ehlo. Poor Guy.

Michael jumping, Doug running around in exuberance, how he hung in the air and had the strength to make that shot is beyond, well everyone. Easily the most recognizable play in history of basketball the Bulls would go on to lose to the Pistons eventually but Jordan showed how clutch he really was and that when it came down to crunch time, nobody would be getting in his way.


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