MJ’s Top Moments #5 Title One

It was 1991, seven years after MJ made his arrival to the NBA. In those seven years he showcased all his amazing talents: multiple MVP’s, Defensive player of the Year, Scoring titles and an abundant amount of clutch shots. But he was missing one thing, a ring.

Of course the road to the Finals the past 3 years for MJ and the Bulls was always a difficult one, having to go up against the Bad Boy Pistons who continuously turned the Bulls down from reaching the Finals. But not this season. Behind the help of the MVP and rising star Scottie Pippen, the Bulls took down the Pistons in four straight and were en route to a date with Showtime. Magic’s Lakers.

By now Magic and his Lakers had already won a few championships and this (knowingly) would most likely be their last shot against a Bulls team just beginning to hit their prime. Game 1 went to the Lakers behind an all-around scoring effort and Magic dropping 11 dimes despite Jordan’s Finals debut with 36 points. But the better team would play like it the rest of the series, and so would MJ.

Game 2 the Bulls showed Showtime how old they were getting as Jordan went off for 33 and the Bulls took down the Lakers 107-86. But if you recall, the most athletic play in NBA history became a legendary folk tale. Except it was real. Once again he did one those things where you would say “Only HE can pull that off.” It left everyone stunned, even Magic. Livingston was driving baseline when he had multiple defenders in his path so he tossed it over to Michael cutting from the free throw line and what would happen next is his Airness in his natural habitat, the air.

When you leave Phil Jackson smiling and Marv Albert at a loss of words (which MJ would do quite a lot) you know you have done something spectacular. The next 3 games the Lakers would be no match for the Bulls who would win the next three and Michael would get his first. Avg. 31.2 points, 11.2 assists, 6.6 rebounds, 2.8 steals on 56% shooting throughout the entire series Jordan received his first of 6 MVP honors. But every great player remembers their first championship, even Michael.



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