MJ’s Top Moments #4 Happy Fathers Day

Record wise it was the greatest team in NBA history, and to on the court, well they were also the greatest team in NBA history. Going 72-10 behind the MVP in Michael and night after night defensive intensity, the Zen Master, MJ, the Worm and Pip were about to take out the resurgent team from Seattle behind Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton who went a respectful 64-18.

This game was maybe the most special one for Michael, he could wrap up his 4th finals title doing so on Fathers day, a day which holds a great deal of importance to many people.  But for Michael, having his Father dying 3 years before which caused him to take a leave of absence from the game he loves so much, you got the feeling that this entire season was devoted to his Father, but no game more so then Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 1996.

Michael scored 22, passed for 7 assists and behind a defensive effort that only let up 75 points and Rodman on the boards, (19) The Bulls would reach their 4th title. Of course a championship of any sorts brings out plenty of emotion, usually happiness. But for Mike it was different. Watching a grown man who was literally the most popular person in the world at the time fall to the United Center floor and weep like a baby, holding the game ball. When you watch the moment happen, its hard not to get a little teary eyed, unless of course you hate Jordan, in that case, who likes you?

Like Mike said, few things can describe what he felt like that day. In wasn’t so much the performance that makes this moment great. More so the bond that many people feel they have with Mike, a sense of growing up with Jordan and watching him go through things that everyone goes through and being able to succeed through all the trials and tribulations. That is Mike’s biggest legacy.


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