Bulls Pacers Post-game Report

A game supposed to be played a little over a month ago; but was canceled due to a blizzard in Indiana, the Bulls probably wish they played this one when it was supposed to be played. With no Noah and Hinrich the banged up Bulls fell to the Pacers 111-101. Nate Robinson (coming of Eastern Conference player of the Week) posted 19 points and 9 assists in the loss. Paul George and David West once again stuck to their status qou scoring 50 combined points and leading the way. A valiant effort by Bulls guard Macro Belinelli who scored 24 off the bench despite twisting his ankle early in the game.

What it means for the Bulls: In the middle of long road trip, games like these will happen, especially when you’re missing your All-Star center, productive point guard and that one guy still trying to make his return (tune in for goatsportstalk special on the Return of Rose in 2 weeks.) While the Bulls trailed much of the game, they played tough all night, up into Paul George hit a 3 point dagger late in the 4th to solidify the win for Indy. Still Thibs won’t be happy that his defense let up 111 points, a season high for Indiana. Both Deng and Boozer looked lethargic throughout the entire game.

Side note: Even though the Bulls put up 100, they lost, snapping a 41 game winning streak when they got to or past the Big Mac mark (100)

A needed couple of days off before the Bulls face a deep Denver squad Thursday.


Stats Courtesy of ESPN

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