Rivalries still Exist in the NBA, Welcome back Seattle

A lot is going on in The Association right now so where do we begin? Melo and KG showed why rivalries are still alive and well in the NBA and news coming from Sacramento that there is a good possibility that the team will be moving to Seattle in 2013-2014.  All next on the newest addition to GoatSports, NBA Weekly.

When you think NBA rivalries, everyone says, Lakers Celtics, Knicks Bulls, Pistons Bulls, Knicks Celtics and so on. But all those were big a decade and a half ago in the 90’s. Since then things have changed, the resurgence of the Clippers is now worrying the Lakers, Bulls Heat with Rose, Deng and Noah vs. the Big three plus Ray Allen. Even the Thunder and Heat is beginning to pick up its physicality as we all know how competitive Durant and LeBron’s Teams and their teams are.  But with all the new ones that have progressed over the years, some things just don’t change. Monday night the Celtics and Knicks got together in the Garden once again for a heated battle especially between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett. Both were called for double technicals but it didn’t end there. After the game the two got in a confrontation before they arrived at their respected team locker rooms. It got so heated that even the coaches Woodson and Rivers got involved to break things up. After the dust settled, the result was a one-game suspension for Carmelo Anthony and plenty of speculation of what was said on and off the court. What is more important is that the games oldest rivalries are still fierce and heated. The Knicks seem to begin regaining that bad boy mentality they had in the 90’s. In a game against the Bulls in December, there was an unusual amount of Technicals and the ejection of Joakim Noah and Coach of the Knicks Mike Woodson. Many the next day began to say that the game had a feel of the those old classic battles of the 90’s. So whatever you may say, the NBA still has its old rivalries intact and the new ones are only beginning to pick up pace.

If you know or have heard of the Rapper Macklemore and his sidekick Ryan Lewis, then you know. You know that Seattle misses their Basketball. After the City caught a glimpse of a budding superstar in Kevin Durant in his first season, they packed their bags and headed to glamorous Oklahoma City where in time they became a Western Conference powerhouse. All the while Seattle watched in anger and disgust as their former team went to the Finals just a year ago. In come the Kings situation. A team once a Finals contender in the early 2000’s,  have turned into a consistent lottery pick team with a fan base less than enthused. Reportedly the Maloof brothers are considering selling the team to  Seattle investor Chris Hansen. If the deal does go through, the team would most likely move in time for the 2013-2014 season. The deal is worth a record of $500 million. Of course the Maloof brothers have tired to work to make a deal to build a new arena multiple times but all have fallen through. So the Kings will most likely relocate despite their fanatic and loyal fan base. A team that is very young with talented stars could have a great possibility of starting fresh with a new coach, new ( and hopefully improved) team and a new town. Of course Seattle fans will be excited and patient with their potential new team, just enjoying the fact that their Sonic team is back on the court. The big question is, will there be similar success as their was in Brooklyn? Only time would tell, but surely the move would excite NBA fans and their recollection of Shawn Kemp throwing it down or Ray Allen hitting a  three in those SuperSonic fresh jerseys. Hey maybe even Macklemore will make a new song in honor of his team being back in his hometown.


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