This blog is about to be as biased as they get, because I love when my Bulls finish games and win them against all odds. So here is my breakdown.

No Rose, Hamilton, Hinrich and they got into Philly at 4am. Coming off a tough loss where the Clippers made the Bulls look like hurdles at a track meet, as Lob City was in full effect. But as they say, There ain’t no rest for the wicked. This Bulls team will fight every night and tonight they were on their heels but they somehow found a way. Joakim Noah definitely remembered when the Philly fans booed him when he went down with a sprained ankle last year in the playoffs. Noah had 21 pts. 7 reb. and 3 blocks. He also had the finishing touch with a 17 footer to eventually ice the cake. Loul Deng had a warrior-like performance with 19 points and 12 rebounds in 37 minutes. But tonight, the bench played lights out. Marquis Teague made his first, first quarter appearance and he showed Thibs and his teammates that this guy wasn’t the starting point guard for national champs Kentucky last year for nothing. A respectable stat line with 6 points 4 assists and 2 steals. But most importantly for the rook he had a +11 +/- while in the game. Robinson, Belinelli, Gibson and Butler had 45 combined. Jimmy Butler came up huge in the 4th and played his best game of the season when it mattered the most.

This was a huge win for the gang plagued with injuries and no rest. But what else would you expect from a Tommy Thibs team? End of the night it’s all about how this team is 3 above .500 and can win on the road like tonight, Rose or no Rose. Even though Boozer was non-existent, the Bulls got it done once again. What a win, this team is giving me grey hairs everyday. Noah and Deng are coming into their own with Rose out. Bulls win folks, 96-89.

In other news Bron’ missed a game-winner in Miami. Poor him.



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