Bull Fight

Coming into this weekend the Bulls were fighting an uphill battle. On the 4th they lost a hard fought low scoring game to Indiana. Then had to fly the night of, to Cleveland where they shot the lights out the place beating the Cavs 95-85. After one day of rest the Bulls traveled to the Palace of Auburn Hills where the beast of the soon-to-be All-Star Joakim Noah dominated with a much needed 30 points and 23 rebounds. Almost at the top of the hill of the 4 games in 5 nights the Bulls would take on the New York Knicks, who had beaten the Heat badly on Thursday night. But the Bulls weren’t changing their motto “Just another game” for a big game in the middle of December. “The Will to Win” Joakim Noah said after the game. They had more than enough will. Captain Kirk went down with a Elbow injury but that didn’t matter. Behind Nate and Belinelli off the bench and another All-Star performance from Deng (22 points 5 rebounds) the Bulls pulled through 93-85.

The Bulls are now sitting at a respectable 11-8 record. Some will say that the Knicks had no Melo or Amr’e but the Bulls had no Hamilton or Rose. It is the same resiliency the Bulls have played with ever since Thibs arrived. If the Bulls can string together some type of 5 game winning streak or so with Rose at least once before he comes back, it will be more than enough to compete at the end. But until then, the offense will have to come from Noah and Deng as well as Boozer who has played well of late (12 and 10 in only 22min last night.) The road won’t be easy the rest of December with the Clippers, Philly and The Nets due. While Memphis, Boston and the Knicks are after that. Grind it out, the motto never changes for the Bulls. Even if they have to put the starting lineup of Simeon out there because of injuries.


Stats courtesy of ESPN Chicago.

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