Few times in life are people presented with a oppurtunity to be perfect. We are imperfect beings, that spend our entire lives trying to be perfect in what we do. In this case, the word-perfect” is the ultimate achievement in Sports.

Perfection in sports is a grind, a journey. To those who only witness sports from the outside don’t know where being perfect starts. It doesn’t start during regular season or preseason practice. It starts in an empty gym or a weight room. It starts with going for a run at 5:30 in the morning in the snow. It’s doing 11 reps while your opponent does 10. Doing the same thing over and over in practice till your body doesn’t know otherwise. Perfection doesn’t start with the wins or losses but with each individual on the team. When each individual on the team buys into perfection, then the beginning of something special has begun.

But perfection is not given, it is earned through a grind. The journey and pursuit of perfection is a long road. Some weeks you play opponents that you have circled on your calendar since the off-season. Other weeks you find yourself having no motivation to go to practice or even play. Getting up everyday for practice is not easy, I’ll be the first to tell you that. 14 straight weeks of continuing practice add that to 2 weeks of doubles and add that onto a whole summer of practice and you get one step away from perfection. 13 games down with one to go. Hard to believe it started 5 months ago.

Being flawless for 14 straight weeks is hard to believe and even harder to achieve. Perfection starts with each person on a team, the character to push when you can’t push anymore. To give up everything, to go through adversity but still come out on top. Being perfect is rare, but when it happens, it will be remembered forever.



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