College Football Week 10

My oh my. What are your Headlines for this week? Roll damn Tide? Ducks fly? Klein for President? Or is it, Luck of the Irish? With so many things to talk about and debate with the BCS standings and Bowls taking shape as well as the Heisman race heating up, here is week 10 in review.

Roll Damn Tide

LSU, Primetime, Under the lights in Baton Rouge. Does it equal a W? 99.9% of the time LSU wins this game with these scenarios. Only problem is they were playing that .1% in Alabama. LSU, typical of a Les Miles squad came out guns blazin’ to open the second half and played well enough to be up 17-14 against an unbeatable team with a minute and a half left in the 4th. Not only did LSU have all 93, 374 fans behind them, but from Eugene, Oregon to South Bend to Manhattan, Kansas were also cheering the Tigers for a big time stop. And well everyone else that doesn’t want to see another SEC team in the Natl. Championship game was on the Tiger side. But true to their name, the Tide rolled on…with vengenance. AJ McCarron threw Bama on his back and took them down the field and would end the drive with a 28 yard screen pass to Halfback T.J. Yeldon who took it to the endzone for the win. Keep pinching yourselves Bama fans, another chance at the BCS title game is in your destiny. Roll Damn Tide.

Ducks Fly

All the hype, all the flash, all the speed and all about winning. Chip Kelly and the Ducks lived by their motto “Win the Day” Saturday afternoon/night against USC. Dressed in all white the Ducks took the field…and 7 points were already on the board. Marcus Mariota was 20-23 for 304 yds. and 4 Tds. Kenjon Barner rushed for 321 and 5 tds. And I haven’t even mentioned Mr. De’Anthony Thomas yet. Overall the Ducks totaled 730 yards of offense on their way to a 62-51 shootout. That’s right USC put up 51 at home and lost. Ducks defense did not play their best game all year but unlike the past couple of years where the Ducks D always relied on the O, this years defense made the stops in crunch time for the big win. Nick Saban woke up Sunday morning, read this stat line and had an Advil or two. Ducks still have Stanford and Oregon State, just another chance to break the scoreboard. Speed kills.

Mayhem in Manhattan

Around the country the most popular Klein is Calvin. In the small college town of Manhattan Kansas, it is Collin, Collin Klein. Not your Typical drop back QB, Klein will look to run rather than throw but his dual threat style has him right up there in the Heisman mix. It is hard to believe that Kansas State of all teams is #2 in the country but they are no joke. Legendary coach Dan Synder has everybody drinking the Kool aid that is Kansas State football once again, a football team that has a history of being…awful. But the Wildcat faithful is focusing on the present as their shot to take out Alabama in the BCS Natl. Championship is becoming more and more promising, the real question is if they are fast enough and discipline enough to roll with the Tide?

Luck of the Irish

These aren’t your fathers Irish. Well the record shows they are but the way this team gets it done is beyond me. Week after week Notre Dame is making things hard on themselves. They look rock solid against top 25 opponents then a week later play teams like Pitt. and look like the Notre Dame teams  that the Irish faithful are trying to forget. Nevertheless, behind Everett Golson and Manti Te’o the Irish fought back and with a little luck took down “mighty” Pitt. in 3 OTs. Notre Dame should have not lost this game. But hey it’s better to be lucky than good.

Heisman Watch

1. Collin Klein

2.Braxton Miller

3. Kenjon Barner

4. Manti Te’o

5. AJ McCarron

November is the month that decides it all in College Football, and boy are we in store for a photo finish.




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