Why do you Play the Game?

For the moment I’ve decided to step away from all the NBA talk and College Football to focus on something a little different, past experiences I have learned from the sports I love. One question I always think about is Why do I (you) Play the Game?

Go around to any athlete and ask them this question. Chances are you’ll get a wide range of answers because every athlete that plays any sport has a reason. Some will play for the fame and money, so they can somehow repay those who helped them get to the top. Others play for the fun of it, Sports were created for leisure time many forget, so some just play because it is simply fun. Then they’re the hardcore’s, or the ones who play for the love of the game.

Now the only person I can speak for here is myself. I can’t say something about those who play for the fame and money because that’s not my motivation. The saying “for the love of the game” is so mainstream nowadays is that they had to make a Kevin Costner movie about it (not bashing the movie in any way its actually pretty good.) But it’s mainstream and cliché because it’s true. It’s the reason why we pickup a baseball at the age of two and never put it down. The reason why we go to a gym with no one in it and shoot until we can’t miss. Or practice for hours and hours so you can make a perfect block or complete a perfect throw. It’s in every athletes DNA, we are perfectionists and there is no denying it. We feel empty inside when we can’t finish what we start or can’t get something right every time. For the hours on end that we practice, we only expect the best outcome because we shouldn’t expect anything less. But the love for the game we play is not always there don’t get me wrong. Waking up at 5:30 in the morning to go to practice is not liked by anybody but once you realize that it makes you a better person and athlete, that is when you have started your first step of success. Practicing something so you get it perfect even though we are created as imperfect beings, for athletes we are oblivious to that and have a sliver of hope that we can be perfect. The love hate relationship each athlete faces is mentally exhausting. Each of us will admit that we have days where we wish we were doing something else other than practicing. But by making it through practice creates discipline and in the end makes us a better person and athlete.

It’ll be tough to come to grips that one day whether it be in high school, college or in the pros that us athletes will have to hang up the cleats and walk away from the thing that has dominated our lives since we could walk. But for the time being enjoy every little second of the game that you have left because we all know how quick it can be taken away. It doesn’t matter what game you love whether it be Baseball, Football, Basketball or Curling we all go through the same struggles and triumphs. We are the minority in a world 7 billion strong. But who said minorities groups can’t make a difference? The last thing you want to do is to tell an athlete he or she can’t do something.


One thought on “Why do you Play the Game?

  1. Ok. This will all be over in a flash, so you have to make the best of it. This experience will influence you for the rest of your life. That is why you have to stay healthy, stay focused, get past the aches and pains, and stay driven. It’s your team’s turn to be the best.

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