Bulls Win Opener, Ride Noah

93-87 Winner winner chicken dinner over the Sacramento Kings. Joakim Noah led the way with 23 points and 10 rebounds, Boozer chipped in with 18 and 8, while Rip added 19 points. Overall the most important thing for the Bulls moving forward is simply the W. Grinding out victories one day at a time are the way this team will be successful with or without Rose (it’s just easier with him obviously.) The stat of the night comes off with some negativity, Deng and Hinrich combined for 4 of 20 shooting and 1o points. Now obviously the first game of the season does not dictate how these two will play moving forward but if the Bulls can win without much from Lu or Kirk is a good sign, but those two will be relied on heavily all season. If Boozer averages 18 and 8 all year, Bulls fans cannot complain, he looked smooth, strong and lean, keep it up Booze. Player of the Game goes to a man I have been talking about all summer long, Joakim Noah. The heart and soul of the team and he played like it tonight. If he keeps this up you’ll be seeing his name on All-Star ballots.

Bulls will simply not win big without Rose, every game will be a grind whether they are playing the Heat or the Wizards. But if the Bulls keep on playing close games when it comes down to ball possession and free throws will certainly pay dividends down the stretch for a team with a spooky past of closing out games. Overall opening win for the Bulls, next game is Friday against up and coming Cleveland.

Taj Gibson reportedly signs a 4 year 38 million extension.


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