Opening Night 2012

NBA it’s good to see you again. It’s even better to listen to the legendary voice of Marv Albert for another season. So many headlines for not only Opening Night but for the rest of the season. So we narrowed it down to the 5 headlines NBA fans should keep a close eye on throughout the Season.

“Not 5, not 6, not 7…”

The wait for the LeBron James to get into his prime is over. Finally. Love him, hate him, I’m sorry but our opinion doesn’t really matter here folks because he is the best player on the planet and will be for the next 3 to 4 years possibly longer. Starting at the Power Forward position this year look for LBJ to be posting up a lot more in Miami this season. But everyone including LeBron knows until his knees don’t have any cartilage left in them, will he continue to run the floor in the fast break because he may simply be the best to do it…Ever. With Ray Allen, a healthy Wade and Bosh and a rejuvenated bench this team will be the best in the league. Yet in Miami, those fans won’t care till playoff time anyways.

The Return

You may or may not have heard, but Derrick Rose coming back in the middle of the year is a pretty big deal in Chicago. With him, they are the best in the East, without him…well we will see. Loul Deng and Joakim Noah will have to carry the load on both ends till he gets back but don’t write this team off (like every NBA Analyst is) just yet. Thibs is a mastermind of the game and together the Bulls will be successful. With a team surrounded with plenty of uncertainty, it is certain that the Bulls fans will continue to be tops in the league in attendance. Don’t believe me?, Numbers don’t lie, 3 years running.

LA Big City of Dreams?

The stars are out in LA like always but with the arrival of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash the Lakers have a contending team and Kobe doesn’t have to carry the load each night. Scary. The real question is the bench, after Antwan Jamison and Jordan Hill there is no information on the other guys…literally. For the Clippers it’s all about Blake and Diandre in the Front court, will this team play defense every night? If so they have plenty of offense to contend. Lakers vs. Clippers Western Finals? A girl can dream LA.

A New York State of Mind

Gone is Lin. In is a 39 year-old Kidd, Jason Kidd that is. Amr’e is out the first 6 weeks. But this is how Carmelo Anthony wanted it to go. He’s the man and everything will go through him offensively. Now in his prime Melo will carry this team in every which way after having an incredible Olympics which he should ride all the way to the beginning of the season. Always most talked about team will get all the attention if they contend this year. I expect big things out the Knicks this year as now it is a battle for New York with Brooklyn just down the street. If things don’t go well… who is the next Lin?

The C’s aren’t done yet.

Smart people don’t bet against Doc, KG, P and Rondo. With Ray Allen now on the Heat that rivalry just got more intense. A younger deeper Celtics team will be tough to beat. I am a believer in this team, mostly because they want it so bad, all the quotes from KG and Pierce about how bad they want to beat the Heat and win another ring. No great performance from LeBron in Game 6 last year and maybe the banner is risen in Boston tonight. Either way the new look Celtics who also get Jeff Green back will be right on Miami’s heals the whole year. Garnett’s last stand? “Quit” isn’t in his vocabulary last time I checked.

It’s going to be a good one folks, tune in for the ride.




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