Thibs Gets the Money, Team Optimistic

It wasn’t long ago that the once title-contending Chicago Bulls looked to be falling apart by the day in the offseason. Letting go the whole Bench Mob except Taj, the uncertainty of Rose after surgery and how his Rehab was going as well as Thibs contract situation, which wasn’t going all that well either. But it is October 1st, a new day, a new month, a new season and a new hope.

After Media Day maybe the Bulls aren’t that bad as the public perceived them to be. Nothing but good news coming from Rose and his #Return. His documented Rehab videos will keep us Bulls fans informed as well as interested throughout the season till he finally comes back. Good Ole’ Gar who I have criticized thoroughly the whole offseason for the lack of motivation to go after guys like OJ Mayo or Ray Allen or even making a trade. Instead him and Pax decided to play it safe for another summer and built the roster from the Bench up. Drafting a young talented player like Teague to grow under Rose, sign Nate Robinson who is one of the most entertaing players in the league but also can score at will when he wants too. But maybe the most important acquisition came in the past 24 hours. Bulls locked up the Guru for the next 4 years for around 18 million, about the same contract Scott Brooks of the Oklahoma City Thunder got 3 months ago. Good thing Gar and Pax realized that he played probably the biggest role in the Bulls success for the past two years and finally we can move onto the season. Finally.

Maybe it is a good thing the Bulls have little expectations going into the first part of the season. No Rose, who expects them to compete? No one besides themselves and Thibs. But that’s the power of Thibs, he can make a team play great defense and rebound no matter how much talent he does or doesn’t have. Yes Rose helps in winning games but as an optimistic fan I’d like to see the Bulls Shock the NBA world by posting a record that is better than expected without Rose. But the load will weigh heavily on Nate, Kirk, Boozer, Deng and the sleeper center of the NBA coming into this Season, Joakim Noah. Working out with Kareem might have been the best thing for the guy, he says he is 100 % healthy and feels great.  The hope that his low post moves improve would be another addition to a somewhat static Bulls offense at times but don’t be surprised if he makes the all-star team this year in the East.

Smiles all around for the Bulls on Media Day but this could be the most important Training Camp going on in the NBA, yeah the Lakers have Dwight and how will Bron’ mesh with Allen yada yada yada. Not many teams have to battle through the better part of the season without their guy, but boy when he comes back its gonna be crazy man (Derrick Rose voice). The biggest question is becoming a cliché now but for me its all on Thibs, how will he mesh these guys all together like he did 2 years ago. If he does it again, those 18 million could go farther than 18 million has gone before. Have hope Bulls fans, the team will hold its own until D gets back. But if it doesn’t? There’s always next summer to ponder. Go Bulls.


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