CFB Week 4 Review

Is Notre Dame back? Keep dreaming South Bend, sure it was a Primetime win against rival Michigan, but let’s get real Notre Dame has a long way to go till we can call them “Elite” again, don’t let the ranking fool you. Welcome to Week 4 College Football in review. Coming into this weekend, CFB fans had a lot to look forward too matchup wise. ND vs. Michigan, Clemson vs. Florida State, Kansas State vs. Oklahoma and two of the nations most high-powered offenses, Oregon vs. Arizona. Yet only 2 games came through for us Football fans. Of course all the hype was around ND and Michigan and deservingly so with Denard Robinson’s last second Magic from a year ago making this matchup a can’t miss. And boy was it BORING. Robisnon 4 picks in the first half? Not so Heisman-like anymore. The lone touchdown was a Tommy Rees run.  To say the least it was an ugly game to watch but no matter what it’s still significant win for Notre Dame but doesn’t make them Elite… Not yet. Not listed above is the Dark horse of College Football, West Virginia. With Geno Smith (my pick for the Heisman) and an offense that puts up points faster than commercial breaks why wouldn’t you pick them to make some noise? Sitting at #8 don’t be surprised to seem them in the top 5 once the big boys take out themselves later on this season in conference play. Which leads me to the next segment, here are the 3 things you need to know before conference play opens up:

Florida State if for Real.

Did you read the Manuel? EJ Manuel and the Stifling Seminole Defense come back from a 2 touchdown deficit and defeat the explosive Clemson Tigers 49-37 in the first marquee ACC matchup of the year. A big time win for the Seminoles this team is BCS Caliber, but can they stop whatever comes out of the SEC?


Ever since Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy and Adrian Peterson left Oklahoma they have been far from Championship material. Landry Jones in my mind is not ready for the NFL but give credit where credit is due, KState can play. Collin Klein played as smooth as Calvin Klein with 228 yards of total offense and the go-ahead touchdown early in the 4th. After getting their you-know-whats handed to them a year to go (41 to be exact) Nothing is sweeter for the Boys from Little Apple than Celebrating all over Boomer Sooner. Maybe next year Oklahoma.

Mizzou is not ready.

All the generalizations about the SEC, too fast, too physical and too much. Well, yeah they happen to be true. And no one knows that better than Mizzou. South Carolina’s Connor Show Completed 20 straight passes as the Gamecocks smacked the Wildcats 31-10. Sure the SEC was too much to resist but it was also premature for a football team that is simply not fast enough. Could be a long season.

One matchup I did not get too was the Arizona Oregon game. Oregon showed the nation why their game is built on fire, not flash. Yeah the mind-boggling jerseys are pretty awesome but the combination of Oregon’s D and speed was too much for Rich Rod and company.

Conference Play starts to open up this week which to sum it all up, means anything could happen. Just the way CFB fans like it.


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