Week 3 in Review

Week 3 in College Football has passed and the BCS picture is looking…well…pretty blurry. The first of many “upset weeks” in College football have started, beginning with the most notable one of the weekend, Stanford vs. USC. Down 21-14 with two minutes left, it was Matt Barkley’s time to show  why he will be the number one overall pick come next April, driving his team down the field in two minutes and force overtime where is Trojans would eventually win right? WRONG. Stanford’s Defense came up big smothering Barkley and the Trojans hopes at a perfect season. Barkley also did not throw a TD pass all game which gives even more credit to the Cardinal D. Luckily for SC, their loss came early and if you’re going to lose, it’s better to lose earlier than later. Expect the Trojans to stay in the BCS picture especially with a win over Oregon, but if they play like that against Oregon…well you get the point. How about them Hilltoppers? No, not Glenbard West, although how about that win against Hinsdale Central friday night? No, I’m talking about Western Kentucky taking down in-state foe and SEC member Kentucky. A stunning 32-31 loss in overtime had the Wildcat fans going wild (in a bad way.) Change of the guard in the Bluegrass state? Not likely, but still a shocking W for WKU. With many things learned from week three, here are your 3 biggest.

1. ND is back.

The Irish took down Michigan State and Le’veon Bell holding MSU to only 50 yards on the ground and only three points overall. While ND did not look unstoppable on offense they managed to put up 20 but all the credit goes to ND’s defense holding the Heisman canindate to under 50 yards. We will see how  now ranked #11 Irish fare against Michigan next week.

2. Bama. Wow.

It’s like Alabama is cheating, that’s how good these guys are. With Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson out it quickly turned into a Razorback funeral losing 52-0…at home. Once a marquee matchup to look forward to at the beginning of season quickly turned into a blowout. Bama could be doing this all year. Roll Damn Tide.

3. Gator Chomp.

Tennessee fans finally were saying “This is the year we beat Florida!” Being at home and a Nationally Televised game, the Volunteers yet again showed us…how average they really are. Make it 8 years running for the Gators as their second half surge once again propels them against the Vols, 37-20.

Week four brings a very intriguing matchup to say the least, ND vs Michigan. Last year was a classic in the Big House under the lights for the first time, when Denard Robinson’s Magic led Big Blue to Victory. Can he do it again? Or is this ND’s year? Tune in next week.


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