Rose, Back in the Spotlight of Chicago

April 28th 2012 is still in the back of many die-hard Bulls fans this off-season and will continue to be until Rose is back on the floor again looking like his MVP self. But for Rose, it seems like that day hardly ever happened and if he is ready to move on, then so should we. For about two months or so, Rose was completely quiet, staying under the radar (as usual) with his brother Reggie doing most of the talking. In mid-July rumors were spreading that Rose was having “significant setbacks” in his preliminary rehab. Turns out those rumors were  fake, Bulls team physician and Rose’s surgeon Dr. Brian Cole reported that Rose was doing fine and was working on his knee in LA, where he usually works out in the offseason. For nearly the whole summer Bulls fans did not know how their Superstar was doing and whether he was behind schedule or right on track as various sources reported.

But on August 15th, Chicagoans woke up to some great news many did not expect to hear. Rose’s rehab was going according to plan and was attacking it everyday and was projected 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Now in an injury that takes months for it to heal 2 to 3 weeks doesn’t seem like much, but for Bulls fans, the fact that good news was coming from Rose about his knee was only the beginning of Derrick’s public  resurgence. A week later Rose released a Youtube video talking about his road to recovery and how us Bulls fans “should not worry about (me)” and that is rehab was going as expected. Slowly the confidence was starting to build back for Bulls hopefuls across the country. Scottie Pippen added fuel to the brewing fire when he was interviewed about Rose’s injury and how he thought Rose would comeback. Pippen was quoted saying, “He’s going to be a bigger, better, stronger player.”  Many also believe that Rose will become a better shooter as well as add a low post game to his already unique set of skills.

Bur Rose finally called it a comeback (if you will)  when Adidas announced via Twitter and YouTube #thereturn. Through his newly created Twitter account (@drose) the partnership announced a series of videos (via Youtube and social media) that would narrate Rose’s road to recovery, whether it was footage of his rehab, or him talking about the experiences that drastically changed his mind-set on the game and his life. These videos can be easily accessed on Adidasbasketball’s YouTube page. So far 3 videos have been released and more are expected to go viral soon. What these videos really show is that Rose is reassuring his City that he is going to come back stronger than ever and is, “all in” to win a championship here in his hometown.

The truth is that Rose won’t be back until around February or March, but he has given hope to many of those who had lost it. The team has changed since Rose went down that fateful day in late April, but the core values and goals of the Bulls remain the same. With the mindset of “next man up” and with defensive basketball guru Thibs at the helm, the Bulls have the ability to surprise many people until Rose gets back. Yes, they did lose the fan favorite “Bench Mob” that brought the team back in many games that they were down in, but if you look at the numbers, the new bench mob fairs just as well. With a much healthier and improved Noah and Deng back and the addition of explosive Nate Robinson, the Bulls can win with the group they have until Rose gets back. I am a fan as well as a realist, I don’t think the Bulls have enough right now to defeat the Heat and reach the Finals, but hey we did come close with “legendary” Keith Bogans at shooting guard 2 years ago. All I’m saying is this city is not ready to give up on a team that has the core in place, Yes it will take a year or two for the Bulls to have a legit shot at the title but counting them out of making some noise this year is foolish. Thibs wouldn’t let it happen for one and for two getting the MVP back during the dog days of the season will give this team a jolt of energy it will desperately need.

Chicago has always had a Superstar represent their City, Sweetness in the 80’s, Jordan in the 90’s and when he returns, Rose will have the city and his team back in his hands the way he wants it. With all the optimistic reports about Rose coming back strong, it  can only reassure us Bulls fans that the future is still bright and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Shout out to Mike Wood and hopefully a new incoming blogger Gabriella Bower


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