Bout’ That Time

September 1st has a symbolic meaning. For some it symbolizes the beginning of Fall but for most it symbolizes that Football is back. Whether you love High School Football, College Football or the NFL, you cannot hide the fact that the Sport is everywhere in this country, and for good reason. 2 weeks ago the beginning of the football season was kicked off by the High schoolers, where locals flooded the high school stadiums to catch a glimpse of their first football action. While others stayed home and watched it on various ESPN Networks, High school football has never been more televised in history and will continue to grow.

Speaking of symbols Labor Day weekend is time for relaxation, some grill and chill and of course College Football. Personally I like it more than the NFL, but that is just me. Saturday mornings across America is electrifying as people flock to College Campuses to see the future stars dominate at the collegiate level. So with that being said here are 3 important things learned that will shape the rest of the Season.

1. SEC Still big man on Campus.

41-14? Really Michigan? Wasn’t that suppose to be the statement game for the Big Ten? Guess not. Bama hasn’t lost a step and look like a championship contender once again. Meanwhile Denard Robinson 11-26 200 yards a TD and 2 INTs won’t help himself in the Heisman race much less his team’s hope of winning the Big Ten. Roll Damn Tide.

2. Boise won’t be noisy.

Boise State for the past 5 years has run the table in College football making small schools believe that they could win a National Championship or get to a BCS Bowl game. Schools like TCU, Utah and BYU have all made some type of noise in the BCS mix but none compared to Boise State. Not this year. The bell has been rung on their hope for a BCS shake up. Le’veon Bell ran all over Boise state and making himself a Heisman candidate in the process. MSU looks like the king of Michigan after week one.

3. Need for Speed.

During the time it takes you to read this sentence, Oregon’s offense will have scored. Oregon has produced some great College football players the past couple of years, guys like Jonathon Stewart, Dennis Dixon, LaMicheal James, Jeff Maehl and Darron Thomas. But Chip Kelly might have his best team. Freshman QB Marcus Mariota looked like a 4 year starting Senior commanding Kelly’s offense to complete perfection. And oh yeah he’s got Heisman candidate De’Anthony Thomas and experienced Senior Kenjon Barner. Watch for the defense as well, as it looks like Kelly has his best defense in his tenure.

Although it’s only been one week in College football much as already been learned and will shape the rest of the season. My prediction for this year’s National Championship has yet to be determined but someone out West whether it be Oregon or USC will take out the bad boys of the South. One thing is clear though as one week has passed, we’re in for a good one this year enjoy it America, the Boys of Fall are back.

Shout out to my good friend Michael Wood to getting me back to blogging.


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