Girl Power: London 2012

As usual every Olympic games winter or summer has all the hype around the men. The big headliners of these games were Phelps vs. Lochte, Bolt and Team USA (Basketball). But little did people know that it would be the oh so lovely LADIES taking center stage through all the hype of these games. Can you say Girl Power? If you had told me, other than the US Womens Soccer team, would get just as much or even more in some cases the same amount of publicity as the men, I’d laugh at you then soon be proven wrong and fall in love with many of these Olympic women.

I start with my favorite group of women, the US soccer team. Capturing America’s hearts last year with their fearless, gritty, never-say-die attitude which in a way reminds many Americans of themselves. With their incredible come from behind win against Brazil in the 2011 World Cup, America began to rally around this bunch even after losing a  heartbreaker to Japan in the Finals. Don’t blink, they’re back, and they want nothing more than the taste of Gold. After a thrilling, back and forth game against Canada which again showcased the usual heroics of Wambach, Rapinoe (dang that girl can play) and new American sweetheart Alex Morgan in the final seconds of stoppage time in OT with the game winning header, these women want nothing more than a win for gold against a scrappy Japan team. Tune in tomorrow at ole’ Wembley.

The next set of Women, have captured my attention on the sand. Yes, Misty May, Kerri Walsh and most surprising Jen Kessy and April Ross. For May and Walsh they cruised to the Finals and to their 3rd and final Olympic Gold medal together. But they had to go through the future of US Womens sand volleyball, a pair in which fought their way to their first Olympic medal (Silver). But to have two American teams in the Gold medal match? Wow.

Speaking of wow, The Fab Five were in London and no they weren’t by the names of Rose, Webber, King, Jackson or Howard. But more like Wieber, Douglas, Maroney, Rainsman and Ross but they both still “SHOCKED DA WORLD!” Now known as the “Fierce Five” their team competition routine lived to their new name. With each individual event by each girl, America became more and more glued to their TV sets. (They even awed my good friend and I so much that we took time out of our Saturday night to watch their near flawless routines) Winning Gold in the process, look to see these girls to receive just as much or even more publicity  than the Womens Soccer team a year ago once back in the states. But if one thing is clear, it’s that these girls have taken the sport to new heights.

You would mistake her for a mermaid if you only saw her in the water, but she’s already a rock star and hasn’t even started Senior year, of HIGH SCHOOL yet. Miss Missy Franklin made a big splash in Womens Swimming with already 4 Golds under her belt at 17 it’s safe to say that we have a legitimate swimmer for Phelps to pass the torch down too. No pressure! But not only her but many other Women in swimming have made a splash of their own during the games, Rebecca Soni, Allison Schmitt and Dana Vollmer all took home golds including 15-year-old Katie Ledecky in 800 free. Amazing, I’m 16 still chasing a State Championship and this girl is winning Gold. truly inspiring and a safe bet that Womens Swimming will be strong for many Olympics to come.

While these ladies have made the biggest news, I won’t forget the great performances of the Williams’ sisters, Lolo Jones and Sanya Richards Ross to name a few. And If you’re still doubting the major Girl power in these games, go watch some Womens Handball or Water Polo. Still not convinced? Then you’re just plain sexist.

PS Congrats to Phelps the greatest Olympian ever, truly incredible.


One thought on “Girl Power: London 2012

  1. Nicely assessed, without a hint of chauvinism. I think I might know that good friend too, and he never mentioned he was watching woman’s gymnastics.

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