What Team USA Can Prove

First off, I’ll start off with this. The 2012 USA Team would not beat the 1992 Dream Team in a 7 game series, I’d give the 2012 team 1 win MAYBE. Every SportCenter analyst alive has talked about this for the past 4 weeks so no need to cover that. Time to focus on this year’s team led by the 3 stars of the NBA LeBron, Kobe and Durant. First thing that stands out to me about this team is how much they have been hit by injury and the potential this team could have had if healthy. Imagine adding guys like Rose, Wade, Bosh, Griffin and Howard who have all been hit by injuries at one point or another this season and are out for the Olympics. Maybe then Kobe and LeBron could have more of an argument when talking about putting themselves up there with the greatest sports team ever assembled. But this team still has something to prove.

First thing they have to prove is that they can overcome all these injuries that have plagued USA Basketball and win the gold with what they have. Guys like Melo, Tyson Chandler and Anthony Davis all have to step up big time. They can win Gold easily if they play great, but it all starts with them. Russel Westbrook has something to prove as well. After coming off a 2012 campaign that had him in the MVP race all year, he has to show the world that he belongs in the category of Derrick Rose and Chris Paul (which I believe he is). Westbrook has to play under control and pick and choose when he wants to erupt off the fastbreak. But most of all he needs to understand that the talent around him is just as good if not better than him so he needs to distribute more than he did with the Thunder (Rose learned the same thing during the FIBA Championships as well). If Westbrook plays like he can, again US can win Easily. Maybe the one guy who has the most to prove is Kevin Durant. In my mind this is his team for the next two Olympics and he needs to show that now. Playing with ‘Bron and Kobe should make life easier to score for Durant but he has already shown that when they need 25, he will be the first to put that up in a heartbeat. What I have like from LeBron in the exhibition games is that he isn’t worried about scoring. He has found his niche by doing whatever the team needs whether it be Rebounding (US Biggest concern) Defense or bringing the ball up, look for ‘Bron to do it all in London. Kobe will go out and do his thing and he has pretty much nothing to prove but showing that the old man is still a force around the world.

Looking at the Roster scoring is not an issue, I’d be surprised if they didn’t avg. 1oo to 110 a game but most of all the main issue is rebounding. Defense not as much because LeBron will shut down whoever is hot. If team USA can dominate the boards with Love and Chandler look for this team to bringing back the gold.


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