Stern has Garnett, Allen and Pierce to Thank

Saturday night sports fans across the world witnessed the best thing that has happened to the NBA since the 90’s, potentially come to the end. The Boston Big three might have just played their final game together as they fell to the Heat in Game 7 on the road 101-88. The 3 first ballot Hall of Famers gave everything they had left in their aging tanks and for about 3 and 3/4 quarters played one hell of a game. But as the game began to wind down, Miami’s big three was too over-powering, too young and too good. LeBron was simply not letting the Celtics once again spoil his hopes of the NBA Finals. James ultimately had the dagger when he buried a 30 foot 3 pointer that put the Heat up 12 with under 2 minutes to go, closing out a hard-fought series by both teams.

In the post game press conferences you could see in the Big three’s and Coach Doc Rivers’ faces that the end might be finally here and that they would most likely never play a game together again. But for the 5 years they called each other teammates they did some incredible things. Winning the NBA championship in their first season together, playing in one of the craziest series in league history a year later vs  Chicago, (in my mind) by playing with Rajon Rondo turning him into one of the best point guards in the league and ultimately making the league more marketable and popular when they came together.

With ratings of games up last year due to the Miami Thrice coming together, Stern really has to thank the Boston Celtics and KG, Allen and Pierce. When they came together every team wanted their own “Big Three” and today it’s all over the league. Obviously in Miami, the Lakers with Gasol, Bynum and Kobe, Spurs’ Ginobli, Parker and Duncan, OKC’s Durant, Westbrook and Harden and so on. When they came together, in a way it revolutionized the thinking of how to win a NBA Championship, 3 stars, and viable role players. The formula seems to be working with the past champions over the last couple of year, even last year Kidd, Nowitzki and Terry were the Mavs’ “Big Three”. Some could argue that it is for better or for worse, but one thing is clear, David Stern’s league would not be anywhere near to what it is today if it weren’t for The Boston three party. And oh yeah, Game 7’s ratings? Highest preliminary television rating for an NBA game in history.

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