The Truth

As of right now, Shaquille O’Neal looks like one of the smartest people in the sports world. The man who gave Paul Pierce his nickname, “The Truth.” In case you missed it last night, Game 5 in Miami was a classic. A true heavyweight fight between two totally different squads. As the clock was winding down in the 4th, the Boston 3 party came up in crunch time. The savvy vets Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce showed that come crunch time, being old isn’t too bad.

53 seconds left in the game Celtics up one, shot clock winding down. The perfect situation for The truth to make an appearance. Pierce was having a miserable shooting night to say the least but he had the ball and Boston’s destiny in his hands. And oh yeah, he had a 6′ 8” 250 pound beast in front of him. But right then and there, Pierce was teaching LeBron a lesson about coming about in the clutch. Right in front of his face Pierce rose up and hit nothing but net. As ex-ESPN analyst Mark Jackson would say, “Momma there goes that man.” After the shot Pierce turned around and  looked and at James and simply  shook his head.  Allen and Garnett hit clutch free throws to close game 5 out.  On a night where Rondo only had 7 points, Boston’s big three showed how big they really are.

After the game the Heat had looked all but defeated. LeBron and Dwade never looked up on the way to the locker room knowing that their best shot of winning the series was done. Now they have to go to Boston, a place where LeBron has endure little success and much criticism. While for Pierce, another clutch game 5 is written in his Hall of Fame career. How many people in the NBA do you think can run around at the age of 34 with LeBron James all game, then when it matters most, hit the game winning dagger. Maybe Kobe, but other than him, none. Now that my friends, is the Truth.

Go ahead, test me...

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