Celtics vs Heat Game 5

Someone call 911 because the Heat are CHOKING it all up at the moment. Now the Heat are normally good when every writer and analyst on SportCenter is criticizing how they play. But not Tonight. Yeah you could say Bosh could be a difference tonight if he ends up playing but listen up Miami, is anyone going to step up and play SOME defense on Rajon Rondo? The little man is on fire during the Eastern Conference Finals and is dominating every part of the game. So much for Mario Chalmers being a decent defender in this league. But it’s not so much his fault, more so his coach, Erik Spoelstra.

Now if you ask me I wouldn’t call Spoelstra a coach at times, more of a supervisor… LeBron James and Dwayne Wade run the team and that’s a fact. He sits at these Press Conferences looking totally clueless, while it may be a just an act, it’s not because it shows up on the court. He has yet to figure out or make an adjustment on Rondo. His solution to when a player is dominating a game is to throw to tell LeBron to guard him. Well FYI James has to cover Garnett because he doesn’t seem to trust Joel Anthony anymore. So like every great coach that is determined to win a championship they get creative with game plans or in-game adjustments. Spoelstra has yet to make any as far as I can see and if he doesn’t on Rondo, you can kiss those 7 championships LeBron was thinking about back in the summer of 2010.

Now I am going to give most of the credit to the man behind all this. Rajon Rondo. After what he has done throughout the playoffs, he is now up there with Westbrook and Rose as the best point guards in the game. Back in 2007-2008 season Rondo was more of a facilitator giving the ball up to his sure-fire Hall of Fame teammates in KG, Ray and Paul. But that began to change in the 2010 playoffs, the last time the C’s made this deep of a run.  He began to believe that he could get to the basket by utilizing one of his mind-blowing pass fakes to get to the hole. Soon the Big Three became the first Big Four. Now it seems as if every game against the Heat has been plus 20 points 10 assists and 10 rebounds type of game. Tonight will be no different. Look for Rondo to do what he does while KJ, Ray and Paul step up against the Big 2 in Miami. Prediction: C’s win going back to Boston 3-2.

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