Recap of ‘What Could have been’ and the Plan of Attack for Bulls Offseason

I have been a Chicago Bulls fan everyday of my entire life and nothing has been more frustrating than the way the season ended this year. Sure you could say that the early and mid 2000’s Bulls were too frustrating to watch, but then again, they were the joke of the NBA and everybody knew that with Jamaal Crawford and Eddy Curry labeled the two players to lead the Bulls back to “the promise land” not too many Bulls fans had high expectations for those teams. This year? Expectations in the windy city was Larry O’Brien trophy or bust. Coming off of the most succesful season since the Jordan years, Rose and Co. looked poised to take the league (and Miami) by storm especially with the addition of savvy vet “Rip” Hamilton. Bulls fans were imagining headlines that come middle of June read “Bulls Get #7 behind Rose” back when David Stern announced there actually would be an NBA season. Oh how so much can change in such little time. Now the best news we read nowadays is “Rose Attacking Rehab”. Depressing isn’t it?

Coming into the 2012 season most thought with the depth, the MVP and Rip the Bulls would survive the 66 games in a little over 120 days and proclaim themselves champs. Then our worst nightmares came true. Loul tearing a ligament in his left wrist, Rose battling 6 different injuries all year cultivating in one of the most heartbreaking injuries I’ve seen in sports. Noah spraining his ankle basically writing the Bulls out of the first round even with Deng’s gutsy play all series. But now 2012 and all of its horrors are over and the beginning of one of the biggest offseasons under Paxson and Forman’s belts is here.

If the Bulls want to get better they’re going to have to get creative. REAL CREATIVE. With hardly any cap room to make a difference, signing a superstar is out of the question. Gasol in my opinion is one of the Bulls best options although LA won’t take Boozer (heck no one will take Boozer and his contract) so that might possibly involve Noah or Deng. And last time I checked Noah and Deng were John Paxson’s two best picks in rebuilding the bulls so I find it hard to believe he will want to give up one of them, but then again it’s a possibility. Next you have the Bench Mob, Watson, Korver, Gibson, Brewer and Asik. ‘Chicago’s Finest Brew’ (Stacy King for all those who don’t know) is most liking going to have to start packing his bags because Jimmy Butler is younger, faster and has the potiental to be more skilled offensively than Brewer. Many teams would be interested in Gibson and Asik but to me I think they are a total necesity for the Bulls to win a ring and the front office will most likely match any offers for Asik this offseason who is a restricted free agent. LA would like Watson because they badly need a scoring point gaurd and Watson showed flashes especially against the Heat. But after that there really isn’t much. Bottom line is Bulls need to get athletic at the wing spot, Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo or even Andre Iguadola. A guy who can score and help fill the gap while Deng and Rose are out for half of the season next year as well as is athletic enough to guard Lebron and Wade.

With everyone healthy we have seen how dangerous the Bulls can be, But come October when we flip to the last row in the Trib, will we see “Rebuild” or “Reload”? Ha who am I joking this is a football town after all.

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